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Psychometry Explained

Psychometry, or Clairtangency as it is also known, is the psychic ability of picking up energy directly from an object and gaining information on who owned the object, their personality and events surrounding the object. Many psychic readers possess this ability and may use it as a starting block to tune into someone's energy for a reading.

As we know, psychic readers possess many skills, so what starts out as psychometry may merge with their natural clairvoyance and clairsentience as they read, so they can pass on better information. Many claim that psychometry is a true ability that's separate from the others, and those possessing it can pick up actual events that are recorded on the object as energy vibrations.


Energy Imprinted On Objects

All objects, and even buildings and places, record the energy of events and people around them. A clairsentient can, for example, pick up 'vibes' from a room they enter and pass on information from this. Reading an object itself is from direct touch, and by practicing you may be able to discern if the energy is positive or what feels negative, or darker, in character. I have a slight amount of psychometry and on rare occasions, find certain objects that I'm physically unable to even touch due to a low vibration.

There was one man who people claimed was a pedophile, and I was unable to touch anything he had touched, like cups and plates or the TV remote. I was picking up on dark energies that were recorded on those objects, which felt like a magnet repelling my hand. This is just one example. If a person is base enough, a sensitive person should pick this up easily.

To tune into an object takes a small amount of concentration by the psychic but they can then see or feel things from the object. Some psychics may even sense history from older objects, or tune in using clairvoyance and 'see' history or events from long gone. Others may sense the story around the object, feeling how the owner was feeling and seeing what they saw.

Psychometry In Crime Fighting

Sometimes police may utilise psychics in various ways in finding criminals, missing people, or even finding clues that are missing. This may especially happen when there is otherwise a lack of evidence in serious crime cases that have no more leads to follow.

A psychic may sense or feel the crime, or even see it or speak to deceased victims to gain information. Often a psychic can use this sense of psychometry or psychic touch to gain information on the perpetrator, where they may live, and who they are. This is not admissible in court but may lead police in the right direction to find new evidence.

Collections Of Objects

It is said that some with this ability find it difficult to be around buildings full of objects owned by different people, like a second hand store, op shop or even a museum, because they sense the energy from the objects all at once. It can make them feel queasy or sick enough that they have to exit the building. This situation can confuse a person possessing psychometry. If you suffer from this side effect then you may simply be reading too much energy at once from different sources, and it would be best to avoid cluttered, second hand stores.

Our next subject on how to develop clairtangency or psychometry will be written soon, so watch this space.

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