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Psychic Mediumship Explained

A medium is a type of psychic who communicates with spirits in the next dimension after this one, so they can bring back clear messages to loved ones still living on earth.

When a person leaves the earth and passes on, they live on a higher spiritual plane where they stay until the time they reincarnate back into a physical body. They are now considered a 'spirit' although they still have all the attributes of a person on earth except a body. Psychic mediums are able to receive messages from such spirits to pass onto loved ones who are trying to communicate.


These messages can be comforting and contain important information to put the living person's mind to rest. Although it is our job to let go of spirits after they have passed over, we may want to get a message occasionally and do this by visiting a medium.

How Does A Medium Connect?

Connection is a psychic skill that is learned and practiced over time. The medium will usually need to raise their personal vibration to match that of the spirit coming through. They will then be able to receive impressions, words or feelings from the spirit, and need to translate what they believe this message to be. Since the medium is talking to a stranger, sometimes it takes a few tries before the message is made clear.

Do You Have To Be Psychic To Be A Medium?

The answer is yes, you need to develop psychically first and then train to be a medium. In order to hear spirits voices and words, you must first be clairaudient. To get an impression of feelings, you may need to be clairsentient. Some spirits will show the medium images, so some clairvoyant skill is necessary also. All of these psychic skills are very natural however, especially if you are sensitive to energy and more psychic than most.

Trance Mediumship

Normally a medium is in a normal state of conscious awareness when they communicate with spirit. With trance mediumship, the medium actually allows the spirit to use the medium's body to communicate. In this case, the spirit takes control of part of the consciousness of the medium and may step in so as to talk out loud through the medium. This is less common and perhaps more of a thing of the past. It isn't strictly needed in order to bring through a great message, and mediums probably disallow or prefer not to do this. It could also be a bit confronting for the loved one who is watching this occur. These days, we generally do not expect to see trance mediumship, which is a temporary giving up of control of the body by the medium.

Pet Mediumship

Some mediums can also connect to deceased pets who have moved on. This is done much the same as with normal spirits although pets are more likely to communicate with feelings. It is incredible how much like us animals really are, and words are not necessary when huge amounts of information can come through without any words at all. In higher dimensions there are no languages except the language of light - direct communication of intent without words.

Learn To Develop Mediumship

To learn how to develop mediumship and speak to spirits and loved ones who have passed over, please go to my next article (coming soon).

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