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What Is Clairvoyance? Signs & Symptoms

The term clairvoyance means "clear seeing" and refers to the ability to see beyond the physical dimension using our third eye (or pineal gland), located in the center of the brain. Clairvoyants can see in two ways; some can see auras and spirits as though they were present in the physical world. Others can see images in their minds eye, like a still picture or a moving image like a movie that may depict the past, present or future. This second type of clairvoyance is the more common form, and some people have both types available to them.


Clairvoyance is something that can be learned and honed through practice. We all have these latent abilities waiting for us to focus upon and activate. I generally see still images in the mind whilst receiving clairsentient information along with it. Interestingly, I only experience clairvoyance when I am doing actual readings for people. In my everyday life this does not happen to me, maybe because I am stronger in several other areas. It is common to be strong psychically in the other areas since many of us shut down our clairvoyance in early childhood when it becomes too much for us.

1. Seeing Images or Flashes

Famously in the television serious called Medium, about the famous psychic Alison Dubois, we can see her character receive psychic insight through waking dreams like she is watching a movie. This has to be one of the most powerful and helpful ways to receive information from Spirit, and it is much more rare than the other psychic gifts. Such moving images can show the future as a warning, or in Alison's case showing the past for a clear purpose. Some people who experience this gift can see brief flashes of future events.

A common one is a car accident. The flash can be so brief that it doesn't even leave a clear image but more of a strong feeling. These flashes occur to prevent an injury or even to prevent a lot of inconvenience. I have had a flash recently when I was stepping out of my house to go shopping. First I received a sign or omen which was a dead moth actually fell at my feet with a thud. As it thudded, I got an incredibly brief flash of a car accident that would greatly inconvenience me. It was so brief it left no after image and I could have thought it was merely my imagination. Suffice it to say I went back inside and did not drive that day. A dying creature falling at one's feet is not a good omen by any stretch of the imagination.

2. Seeing Spirits

Some people are born with the ability to see spirits. Many of those people tend to shut down that ability after a bad experience with it. We have all seen the movie Sixth Sense where a boy can "see dead people", and this thought is unsettling. Only the brave keep this ability whilst others let go of it. It is unsettling because spirits turn up day and night in people's homes and these spirits can be unwelcome or downright scary. If a person isn't firm with them, they will keep us up all night chattering on. Telling a spirit firmly to move on can keep them away. Not all spirits are human either, and some can have frightful forms like reptiles with red glowing eyes and horns. I believe that before one opens to clairvoyance, learning about psychic protection is needed.

3. Seeing Symbols

Some people see symbols in addition to images. For example a person may clearly see a pink heart which they interpret to mean romantic love. People see different symbols and such symbols have different meanings for each person. As a psychic reader develops their skills working with their guides, they learn what their guides mean by each symbol. The reason symbols are used to show us things is that they are quick and efficient, and often the fastest way for our guides to convey meaning to us.

4. Dreaming The Future

Another part of clairvoyance is experiencing the future in dreams whilst sleeping as well as waking. We all definitely have this when we sleep. By keeping a dream diary we can track how much of what is in our dreams comes true. I once wrote down each dream upon waking and I found that every night I would dream things that occurred the very next day. They were often small things and I must say I had to give the practice up because it was very freaky to me. My angels tell me that we all have this gift, this is rather fundamental to humans and since it occurs during the dream state, our conscious mind is not able to interfere with those kinds of messages.

Of course some gifted clairvoyants will have waking dreams that come to them with a clear purpose. We can be warned in dreams, but note that not every dream is a warning; we have to determine this with the feeling we get from the dream. They are not all literal either, however dreams can be uncannily accurate.

Learn To Develop Clairvoyance Easily

The next article explains how we can open our third eye chakra and train ourself to see clairvoyantly, and it is not that difficult either. To read this, click on Learn Clairvoyance for some great tips and exercises. Enjoy!

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