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What Is Clairsentience? The  Symptoms

waterClairsentience, "clear feeling" or "clear sensing" is the ability to psychically sense other people's feelings, whether they are present with you or at a distance. This sensing can take place in the past, present or future, meaning a clairsentient person can tune in on past and future emotions as well as the present (handy when giving readings). Clairsentient people also tend to be Empaths, and often have a lot of water in their chart; the water signs are Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Or those with the corresponding planets as the dominant planet in the cart, for example, Neptune, Moon or Pluto.

Clairsentience is connected to the heart chakra, yet one does not have to have an open heart to have the ability. I have known empaths who were very sensitive to the energy of others and could read this energy, yet acted in uncaring or selfish ways indicating a closed or partially closed heart chakra. In this event, they may be using the sacral chakra for this ability. Unconditional love and unselfishness comes from having a heart that is clear and open.

It can be confusing to be around such sensitive souls who feel everything when they ignore or never act on what they are sensing. Indeed, they can be capable of bullying, suggesting they can turn off the clairsentient ability when they choose to.

10 Clear Signs You Are Clairsentient

There are certain traits that clairsentents have. Let's look at the ten signs that indicate how clairsentient you are.

1. Sensitive To Emotions

We can know the emotions of those we are close to even when at a distance from them. By thinking of them and tuning in for a split second, we can feel what they are feeling. We can sense if they are at home, or are out being social. I can remember being romantically interested in someone but at one point he walked past me allowing me to sense that the man was absolutely IN LOVE. He was in that first phase of love, almost like infatuation, and as he walked by it was like he was wearing a neon sign that was shouting his joy, like a wall of love hit me. Even though his relationship was secret, I discovered it through clairsentience. Soon after that day, he was married. Those who are clairsentient do not usually go around "tuning in" on people, yet when we do we can gain all sorts of information just from their "feelings".

2. Sensitive To Surroundings

Clairsentients are sensitive to their surroundings. Usually this does not pose a problem unless something bad has happened that has left behind an energy imprint.

I used to do some work looking after children and one family lived in a new apartment that, to the naked eye, was pleasant and light. Yet when inside that place, all I could sense was a heavy depression which really affected me. I did not want to go in there and refused to work in the apartment. I could zero in on who was depressed, even though it was hidden well.

Very sensitive clairsentients will avoid places like cemeteries, race tracks, casinos, or even hospitals. Crowds will pose a problem simply because of the chaotic energy. Crystal children and adults possess a lot of clairsentience and may prefer to spend a great deal of time alone to process emotions or to clear other people's emotions. When keeping company, they will prefer a smaller group rather than a large group, which can confuse them with an over abundance of psychic information coming at them all at once.

3. Sensing Spirits

ghostWhen a clairsentient goes into a home or building, they usually know when there is a spirit residing there and probably what room it is in. If they have to spend time with it, they may begin to sense things about the spirit; how it is feeling and if it wants people there or not. With some clairaudience, they can also converse with it or just leave it alone in peace. With a touch of clairvoyance, they may get a flash of what the person looked like when they passed, age and gender. The spirit may not realise it is dead, and simply be in a confused state or a state unable to move on.

4. Physical Sensations

Clairsentient people also sense things in their physical body. Our bodies can react in certain situations, be it tingles, a sense of dread, or something else. Some people experience these tingles whenever they tune into their higher senses. For me, I get violent shivers if I start to get close to someone who is deceiving me.

Usually I can sense deception in a person's energy, but if the deceiver is crafty, they can hide their energy signature. Such a one is often clairsentient them self and knows how to hide their energy. In these cases, my body will begin to shiver violently all over when I am talking to them.

I once sat talking with a man for hours shivering, and wondering why my body was telling me not to trust him as he seemed totally harmless. It turns out he was very psychic like a powerful wizard, and was trying to rip money off a friend. Whilst I was unable to convince the lady in question of his ill intent, I hid my energy signature from him whilst being enabled to read him easily, but it took me a few months to be able to access his intents so good was his facade. Clairsentience can be very helpful but when we can't sense another's bad intent, instead we can get a physical reaction like shivering, when around the person.

Psychics themselves can be more crafty than regular people due to their many, many lifetimes of honing psychic skills. One psychic friend of mine freely admitted he had learned how to cloak his energy, and it was true. Despite all my best efforts, he seemed like a blank and I couldn't get a true read. This is very unusual, but I still got a strong gut feeling to avoid him, even though I could not see exactly why. Gut feeling will always fill in the blanks when someone is able to cloak their feelings and intents.

5. Knowing What Others Are Feeling

It isn't just that you are sensitive to others emotions, you often know exactly how they are feeling when you see them (or even think of them). The more you tune in, the more accurate you can become. You may sense if they have been fighting with someone, or feel lonely. You tend to feel a lot and must learn the trick of blocking much of this out, or not getting drawn into it. If you can feel it for a moment and then let it go, you will do better. It is always wise to let it go again quickly or you could get drawn into other people's lives or problems.

6. Enjoying Crystals, Nature and Animals

crystalsIf you are clairsentient and open to reading the energy of living things, then you will probably enjoy both crystals and nature, both of which are living entities. Crystals and stones emanate healing energies of different kinds depending on the stone.

If you are like me, you may want to have one of every crystal and stone so that you can hold and explore the energy, or keep them around your home. Being around a lot of crystals is very beautiful if you can sense their energy, and is healing also. Natural surrounds will replenish the energy of the clairsentient, and help to cleanse the aura. You may also love animals passionately, since they are kind and loving and often know how to heal us humans.

7. You Love Talking To Angels

You get a real buzz of energy from angels or higher spirits and guides in a higher dimension. They may even feel like your friends and feel much more sane than the people of Earth, who may seem crazy at times. You enjoy pleasant and happy energies rather than many prevalent energies present on the earth. When angels or guides talk to you, you feel very happy. You may even converse with them for hours or play games because they are so fun.

8. You Have Changeable Moods

Other people affect you so much that your own moods can depend on how others around you feel. Especially if you live with other people, you will be intimately aware of how they are feeling, and they can bring you down pretty quickly if they are not happy. You may find it is easier living alone, as a clairsentient, or with a partner or your own family. Otherwise you can be knocked around so easily by these others who probably have no idea you can sense them so strongly.

9. You Can Often Hear Lies

It is strangely easy to tell when someone is lying to you. Have you ever notices how often people lie? It is very regularly, even if they tell lies about their own life. People often lie to themself as well. It sounds like an off note that you really cannot miss or ignore. Of course, it is worse when they lie deliberately, or someone is trying to injure you with their lies. You find this very confusing as you are probably honest yourself. Not all clairsentient people have this ability and may develop it over time. It is not worth keeping in touch with liars and this is why you tend to have less friends than your non-psychic mate

10. You Send Dark Entities Away Often

Over time you will learn what to do with darker spirits when they enter your home. Dark entities are very common and come at night and may bring you nightmares. After waking from a very strange dream, you will pick up their energy and then send them back into the light. This is how they are recycled back into God's light. You get rid of them as soon as they arrive. This way, you house is always entity free and it is how you like it.

When Clairsentience Appears

A person can become more clairsentient at any time during their life. As children, they will probably have been more sensitive than most. Sensitive children can become even more sensitive as they get older and develop their gifts. I used to live in a large city with a population of 4 million. For years I began to be bothered by the "crowded" energy even when at home alone. As a youngster I had loved crowds, which I saw as exciting, but as my sensitivity and psychic gifts grew I felt I needed to escape the city. I eventually moved to a smaller town, and the old feelings of being "crowded" went away. A clairsentient or Crystal person (with crystal aura) can sense the overall din of energy of an entire city and this can clog up their senses somewhat.

Gift Or Curse?

As you can gather, clairsentient people can have a lot of trouble in situations that those without the gift do not ever experience. It can seem like a curse to be unable to block the energy of others....or, can we? I recently found a way to block the energy of others by using crystals in jewellery, or shiny silver jewellery with mirrored surfaces.

Mirrored surfaces (like a shiny pendent) bounce negative energy back to the sender. There are many stones and crystals that protect and deflect negative energy, and some crystals transform it. I do not leave my house without wearing crystals or mirrored jewellery.

Recently I bumped into an acquaintance who had been hearing negative gossip about me. Her face as she saw me literally transformed into a picture of perfect rage. I could see with my eyes that her face was ugly and contorted, her eyes burning into mine with malignant intent, yet I could not FEEL it. For a psychic this is remarkable. She came over to ask questions, yet I was serene. Her negative energy had no effect, bouncing off the mirrored pendant I wore. Her energy could not get through! She could see that her display of rage was having no effect and not bringing me down. So instead she made some false conversation until I interrupted and told her bye.

Clairsentient people avoid negative energy because it is like a slap to the face. To us, anger can actually burn our aura, it hurts us. I have wondered why I did not discover the ability to block energy before since I feel it come off every person as they walk by. Since I began wearing stones, rings and pendants and I am much more serene.

Learn How To Develop Clear Sensing

My next article delves into how to increase clairsentient abilities and provides tips and exercises to work on. To read this just go to Learn How To Develop Clairsentience.

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