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What Is Claircognizance?

Claircognizance is the psychic sense of "clear knowing" of information, a knowing whose source is not obvious but yet the mind accepts as total truth. Those who may find difficulty accepting claircognizance are ones who have been discouraged by society to listen to it.

This helpful gift is connected to the crown chakra. To one who has never experienced claircognizance, it would seems like some kind of bizarre or esoteric mystery, yet it is a very basic and practical sense like any of the other senses we possess as humans. Is it bizarre to be able to see with our eyes? To one who has never had sight, it may be.

Psychics who have claircognizance are able to simply have a strong "knowing" of things that they accept as real and as a sixth sense. Some information that comes into our minds comes from our angels and guides; that is not claircognizance but simply our guides telling us something. True claircognizance always comes from inside of us, rather than a voice (clareaudience) or a vision (clairvoyance). People with this sense rely on it just as much as other senses and it is just as real to them. It may be that the knowing comes from our Higher Self; it surely comes from some part of us.

There are so many examples that can be given of this special gift.

Recognising A Soul

Some of us have the ability to look at a person and simply receive information about them and just know about them from the first glance. This can especially come in the form of a warning. When gazing upon someone for the first time, we occasionally get a very strong first reading on them like, "this person is sleazy", "I can't trust this person", or "this person is downright dangerous". Where did the information come from? It is simply a form of knowing a truth that comes to us in a way we would never deny. Some psychics may have this ability when looking at politicians, and know immediately when they see a corrupt one. Yet the rest of the nation may vote that person into power, never sensing what is really going on in the highest levels of politics. Those who do not possess claircognizance may be quite innocent or naive in nature, whilst those who do have this gift can readily see darkness when it is in front of them.

Seeing Through Lies

Some people can see straight through a lie simply by just knowing that what is told to them is deceitful or wrong. There can be other ways to see through liars, such as clairsentience and simply reading another's energy. Sometimes we can hear the thoughts of the liar, or sense them congratulating them self on a cunning lie. Claircognizance is a bit different. If you are in the presense of the person telling the lie then you are probably using clairsentience and feeling what they feel. If you are looking at someone on television who is lying and you simply discern a lie, this is more likely to be claircognizance - you simply know that you know, without feeling what the liar is feeling. Claircognizance is also brilliant when dealing with written words on a sceen, in a book or a newspaper. It is that sense of "no way is that true" and you would bet your life on it that what the writer is saying is a lie (even if the writer is unaware of that).

Those who have claircognizance are much more discerning of people and information. Those without it are much more willing to believe everything on face value and are easily conned, manipulated, or brainwashed by the media.

Spiritual Claircognizance

This is something stronger than mere faith. Faith alone is not proof positive for the mind, so then faith is actually harder to achieve than claircognizance. Faith is believing in something even when there is no evidence. Many people have an absolute sixth sense about many religious or metaphysical things. They may know without a doubt that they have angels and guides around them (they do) and that they are on a spiritual path. They may know that to invoke Christ is real beyond a doubt and that God is in charge of this creation, and all creation. They just know, and no one can convince them different. Not all people who are religious are claircognizant.

Past Life Knowledge

Some knowledge that we have can also come from past life experience, however do to the definition of claircognizance, this probably falls into this category. We may remember how to read English from a past life and be able to do that as children before we have been taught. Old souls have a lot of these kinds of skills and knowings especially, due to their past life experiences.

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