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What Is Clairaudience? Signs & Symptoms

Clairaudience is the art of "clear hearing" of sound that is coming from another dimension other than the usual physical dimension. Like clairvoyance, which has two ways of receiving impressions, so too clairaudience. Impressions or sound can be received via the physical ears, or directly inside the mind. Words, conversations, music or indeed any sound can be perceived this way via the psychic senses.

EarClairaudience can be learned because every person has this latent ability. The chakra associated with clear hearing is the throat chakra (colour blue) located in the throat. People who channel are actually using their clairaudience to hear and then record what is being said. Writers also channel - ever heard of a muse. This experience is completely natural and nothing to be afraid of. Writers of words or music receive what we call "inspiration" from other realms, which usually enters their minds effortlessly as they work with other entities. Many of us who work with beings in higher dimensions do so effortlessly. Every writer of fiction and music does this, with an agreement on a higher level. Psychics who give readings can receive information relevant to the reading via guides or spirits who people who have moved on (in the case of mediums).

Clairaudients can also hear sounds when they do readings. This might be a song that comes into their head that is then found to be important to the client, or relates an important message in itself. Other sounds like bells, water, cars or whatever it may be will be heard and can be related to the client. Clairaudience is actually common and most of us are aware of a voice in our minds at times. When we begin to let go and simply let the words flow, or the notes flow, we are channelling.

Negative Spirits

Some people can audiably hear the voices of spirits speaking to them from the beyond. When this is unwelcome, it is important to firmly tell those voices to go away. Sometimes a dangerous voice can be heard that attempts to gain control of the sensitive listener. Such a person must not head that kind of voice but ask for angelic protection and for powerful angels to remove the source. We can ask Jesus, God, Mother Mary or whomever we wish for help to move that entity on. Those who are fooled by negative entities or let them continue can, over time, become very confused or paranoid. It is a hard road back to sanity after listening to such poison for any length of time. Some darker entities are very skilled at destroying a mind and sanity. Read up on protection and banish them very firmly. These voices will cease immediately if you withdraw you permission. If you interact with such beings, you are consenting to have them interfere with you.

When I was fifteen, I had voices trying to recruit me into their club, giving me compliments and trying to tell when what they think I wanted to hear. With my clairsentience, I could sense the darkness around them easily and never answered them. I used to wonder why they were so stupid. They ceased interacting with me but kept visiting for decades after. Those of us who are Lightworkers need to be especially careful who we interact with psychically, and I recommend only to interact with angels and guides. We can always ask an entity "Are you from the Light?" If they do not answer Yes immediately, then banish them.

Learn To Develop Clairaudience

To learn how to open up clairaudience, channel and speak to spirits, guides or loved ones who have passed over, please go to my next article Learn To Develop Clairaudience.

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