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Twin Flame Stones To Strengthen Love

Crystals are very powerful when it comes to Love and Twin Flame meetings. Certain stones or crystals have the power to attract your twin flame if used rightly.

Your twin flame is your closest soul partner and many people are meeting their twin, even if they do not stay together. Due to karma between twin flames it can be hard to stay together in a partnership that lasts.

Many partnerships between flames can encounter difficulties. I'm going to list several crystals of a love frequency that can help with this issue to smooth things over and try to get issues on a more even footing. Let's begin with the ultimate Love Stone that is the queen of stones called Rose Quartz.

1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a love stone that carries unconditional love for both ourself and for others. Using this stone first up is a wonderful way for us to clear ourself for love, forgiveness, as well as other traumas of the heart. It is a very healing stone that offers safety, peace and harmony to your life. Known as the Queen of Crystals.

This stone also has the power to attract love. It can replace certain negative energies in a relationship with a more positive and understanding form. We can also use this to rid ourself of unexpressed emotions and open our heart to the full extent. It is an amazing stone for relationships and well recommended for twin flames to help them show love to each other and resolve any past karma that may be lingering.

2. Diamond

Diamond is positively the most amazing stone for unconditional love and is a very pure stone. It will purify a love relationship and is worth wearing in jewellery on a daily basis. It is known as the King of Crystals as it powerfully cleanses negativity from our aura so that it can be lighter.

This is a stone of innocence and perfection. It helps couples to go deeper and create strong trust and fidelity. A token of love, this is why we use diamonds in our weddings to represent love.

3. Emerald

Emerald is a fantastic stone with a gorgeous green, heart colour. It opens and activates many issues of the heart, as well as working to heal it both physically and emotionally. It opens us to unconditional love in our relationships. Emerald helps to draw in beauty and wisdom and help us overcome difficult situations. It is a very healing stone and a stone of balance that we can use to harmonize our relationships.

I would recommend using this stone in jewellery and keeping it close to yourself. Use it to pledge yourself to another in all ways if this is appropriate to you. It will help you to stay true always.

4. Kunzite

Kunzite is wonderful for the heart chakra but also aligns with the throat and third eye chakras as well. A stone of compassion and peace, this stone will connect us with divine love. It can help when we have trouble expressing our emotions to others. We can use this crystal to find forgiveness, as it helps to fix us on physical as well as emotional levels.

I like this stone because it can heal anxiety and panic. It is a wonderful stone to use in any relationship to help resolve issues and bring harmony and understanding.

5. Rhodochrosite

This heart stone will open the heart and is wonderful for depression that is held from past relationships that haven't worked out. It is able to make one more cheerful, happy and positive. It is ideal for spontaneity, expressing ones feelings and making a go of a new direction in love.

This stone is said to have the power to draw in a soulmate or twin flame. Give it a go because I've seen this stone work before.

6. Aventurine

This stone can protect your heart as well as clear and activate it. As a stone of balance and wholeness, it will bring deep contentment into one's life as well as offering feelings of joy and love. If you have difficulty opening yourself to deeply love another, this stone can help you out. It brings trust and the protection you need, as well as physically strengthen the heart.

7. Tourmaline

Both pink and green tourmaline are fantastic heart stones that, once again, you may like to wear in jewellery. Black tourmaline is one of the best protective stones one can use, yet green tourmaline is going to get the love and compassion flowing. Green tourmaline balances the emotions, bringing up and releasing the worst of them, along with past-life traumas that are still with you. It can dissolve stress and fear, and also bring peace to the wearer.

Pink tourmaline is beautiful and will cover the heart with love, joy and friendship. It is a wonderfully relaxing stone and is excellent for anyone who may have been abused to help heal the heart. This is a stone that brings security and peace, and is good for grieving as well.


As you can see these seven stones are brilliant for love relationships and are a good bet to cover a twin flame relationship even if it isn't romantic. Many twins end up being friends and these stones are beneficial for friendships as well as relationships. As you work out your karma with your twin, these are the stones for you.

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