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Twin Flame Relationships & Intimacy

Most Twin Flame Relationships are fraught with trouble as each person negotiates the stages they go through from meeting to knowing each other. But what if your relationship was able to work out; what if you made it with your twin?

Firstly, we know of all the dangers entailed in meeting the person who's your twin. Many times we have an overpowering attraction to them. But finding out that you're just too similar on deeper things brings in many issues that other relationships skip. He says what you were about to say, you think the exact same things as him, and you both have the exact same neuroses although one of you has surely worked on them longer than the other. But what if, even with all this stuff, you can still make it work?

Holding Hands

I'm not sure if this is true of all people but most of our twin flame relationships are not actually meant to work out forever - due to our soul contracts. At our level of evolution it is difficult to get through to a certain level of intimacy, maybe not for us but for them. It is common for one twin flame to run. It can be extremely difficult to even remain friends with them because of the intense twin flame energy. But wouldn't it be nice if we could remain in touch and remain friends. All of our relationships seem so dramatic but if we could work through the dramas and remain good friends for the long haul, this would seem to be the perfect situation. If the romance is failing and you can't get it to work, wouldn't you rather have a good pal than nothing at all?

Our twin flame is 'literally' our other half in spirit, created when we were created and possessing the same qualities as us, made from us. From my own experience of running and chasing, pushing and pulling, I know that this approach is doomed. So I question: Can we circumvent this, change it, or transform it into something better? What if you haven't met your twin yet and messed it up like the rest of us and have a real chance?

Can You Be The Bigger One?

The best way to approach this situation is to approach it mentally, not emotionally, because its on an entirely emotional level that we fall apart and do the stupid things. You may be tempted to do the opposite - you're going to want to get all emotional. How do we change this?

You're going to think I'm crazy but no matter what happens, we need to analyse the entire relationship, throw away what isn't important (how I wish someone had said this to me) and focus only on what is - namely your undying love for each other.

You're going to have to be the bigger person and take the higher road, and hope that your twin settles down long enough in a friendship or relationship to take stock and start acting normally. WE have to be the ones to set the example and cool our tempers. Start to think rather than just feel.

If there's an argument or issue, take your time and leave the scene for a bit so you can think. Go for a walk rather than lashing out at each other. You know he loves you right, in that special twin flame way, the way you can just look at each other and know what they are thinking? So count to ten or go to the gym or take a few days alone, however long you need. Then go back to him or her and take a new approach. Have a new attitude. Make allowances for this person knowing they are your soul partner, if that helps.

These relationships are just so temperamental that we can break them to the point of no return so easily, just one thoughtless action or word can sometimes do the trick. You know they are struggling just as much as you. They are hurting too. Try to put yourself right in their shoes before you do the wrong thing. Try to think like them and slow down.

Be HONEST To Your Twin

You don't here the word "honesty" enough in connection to twins. This is THE relationship where you need to talk over everything and be open. Don't jut pretend to be open, actually share what you feel. They are having exactly the same problems you are anyway. This is another one I wish I had thought of  (hindsight). We could have gotten quite far if we had just learned how to talk, but neither of us did - we liked the silence and so we fell away. This is the kind of connection that you have to work at if you want it to last!

You can really tell this person anything. That feeling you have when you're alone together, and usually even if in a crowded room, the feeling of knowing exactly what the other feels. You have that twin flame telepathy you know, so use it. You're so close, even after just a few dates, and you both know this. There's no mistaking it - its special so we need to do this one differently.

We need to be a lot more honest in this relationship than ever before. They are sensitive when it comes to you. It is actually okay to bare it all. You might want to try it as an experiment and try telling a few home truths to see what they do about it. Your twin is either an evolved type who will easily understand this, or they could need more work. So sit down with a coffee together and have a real chat with each other, tell them what is on your mind.

Usually we can go further when we tell the truth. Do it late at night or early in the morning if you cannot find a better time. Try not to do it when either of you feel rushed. Don't place blame on either of you for any situation, past or present, just bring up your issues to air them out. Never be accusatory. Imagine you're a diplomat and be subtle but honest.

Your twin will either respond immediately, or he will go away to think about it. He may give no indication that he needs to think, but he will think, it will get into his head. So don't give up but give him space, give him time. Twins can be so dramatic, almost like teenagers in a way and you may not even notice this dynamic - but its there. "Everything must be worked out immediately and we must all agree today." Take your time, talk things through, go away and think about things. It's not dramatic. There are a lot of adjustments, so take your time and STAY FRIENDS. Stay friends. Stay friends. Stay friends.

Intimacy With Your Twin (Sex, etc)

The need for honesty has never been more important when we come to intimacy because you are your twin are highly in tune with each other, a natural part of these relationships. With other partners, maybe it was easy to simply roll along, being half truthful and enjoying physical closeness together with such a highly charged emotional setup - but not with your twin. It isn't possible to exist in this relationship unless you are completely honest. Your partner will sense any dishonesty and it will play out in the bedroom.

Kissing your twin is like a supercharged, emotional, physical (also spiritual!) experience. It is very deep, loving, and you can't decide if you are giving or taking. It's both simultaneously. It is honest and you can't play games here. Looking into their eyes is like looking at part of your own soul and that is raw. You go together completely. There is so much heightened energy, such a spiritual passion. Imagine if someone is trying to hide under a fake personality, or trying to be someone else? It's not really possible. There are many games taking place in many relationships but not in this one.

If you are honest together, you may be able to experience a kind of spiritual union with this partner that feels divine. A divine union. You need to give all and give freely. If this sounds too hard then you will not reach these heights. It's not the end of the world if you don't, yet it is part of the experience to get to this level. There are advantages to twin flames you may have never thought of and you may have never felt this depth of passion, enjoying sex instead as a more shallow thing. But these connections are divine so why not put all into it to take it there?

With a level of honesty, and taking a more cautious approach to this person, I hope more people can experience a more lasting relationship and spend more time together rather than running or chasing.

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