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Twin Flame Meditation & Prayer

This Twin Flame Meditation is not necessarily a cure for lonely hearts but, rather, is a real way for the sensitive soul to communicate telepathically with their twin flame in real time. Are you used to meditation or telepathic communication, for you'll be using these skills to hone into your twins energy (very similar to your own energy) and bring through their messages. If your twin is here on earth, then perhaps you may synch with them or attract them for a reunion, if it is destined to be. We do not all meet our twins, but many of us can and do.

Holding Hands

Meditation Technique

Let's run through a simple meditation technique first for those who are not already trained in meditation.

1. Find a quiet spot, usually in your own home, where you can go and not be disturbed for twenty minutes to half an hour. Turn off your phone and be ready to ignore the doorbell. Make sure the space is sufficiently quiet, and if traffic noise is an issue simply use ear plugs to lessen this noise.

2. Find a comfortable chair to sit in, or if you are able, take a meditation pose on the floor where your spine is straight up and your legs crossed. Take your position and begin to calm yourself with a few deep breaths.

3. Close your eyes and begin to focus inwards, concentrating on clearing your mind and bringing it into the present moment. Release all of the thoughts of the day gently. This may take a few minutes as you allow your heart rate and breathing to slow. Stay in the present.

4. Invite your angels into your meditation and visualise white light around yourself, or a pillar of white light running down from the heavens and through each ckakra then down deep into Mother Earth. Ask your angels for protection.

5. You are now ready to focus on your twin flame, who will be around in  a higher dimension, with your guides. Even if your twin is on earth, the larger part of their being is in a higher dimension and is part of your team watching over you.

You can speak to him or her telepathically and they will always answer you, even if it through images or feelings. Knowing your twin can be a comforting experience, although you already know them well since your own creation as a unique soul. Now, let's explore what you can say to your twin flame, and how to use this communication; how it works.

Twin Flame Communication

You've learned how to meditate (above) and now wish to communicate with your twin. Let's look at what it's like.

First, exchanging energy with your twin is very loving and special. Imagine the intimacy you must share and the great love they have for you - a love that is beyond all judgment. This is the universal love that you carry together forever, an all encompassing love. They understand you because essentially they are you. We hear all of the flowery statements yet it is basically true; they are your other half and share the same energy signature that you have, your unique signature.

As they are in a higher dimension, coming from a higher perspective, so they aren't exactly like us on earth but are very similar. You may feel the vastness that is them, and the feeling they are an 'aged soul', very wise and kind. Get to know their energy; this will happen over time if you spend time with them. They may be happy and laughing, because they are happy to make contact with you, this version of you.

You can talk to them and hear them answer in your clear and steady mind as you meditate. Yes, you may very well hear them. Write down what they say if you want to remember it. They may tell you how much they love you, or even give you advice if they feel you need a few words of help with your circumstances. They may talk about where they (and you) are from, about your shared mission, about the things you wish to achieve together. They may indicate if they are meant to meet you in this lifetime. Or they may just pore loving energy into you to allow you to get used to the feeling of them.

This is a blessed union, you and your twin. There is no transcript for this meditation as it is a real communion in real time, a chance to blend your energies into one and become more open to them. Like a guide they can help you, if you wish for it to continue on. They have so much advice to give and love to share.

Transcript Or Prayer

For those wanting a transcript, or prayer, to use during their meditation, I've written the following which can be used to attract your twin.

"Dear Twin Flame of my eternal heart, I wish to meet you in the flesh during my earthly life to exchange our sacred energies of love. I am ready to meet you and await this meeting. I have purified my heart and am ready to give all that I have, with no judgment about who you are, your age or your ethnicity, etc, knowing you may be a very different person from who I am, from a different country or culture. Our hearts will recognise each other immediately and for this I am ready."

"I will not judge you no matter the outstanding karma that is between us. I know it's usually difficult to make a relationship, either one of us may run, but I am willing to try. Through our love we can overcome all obstacles to love and flow into each other to lift each of us up. I am excited and ask that we both become attractive to each other, sending out waves of soul attraction or magnetic attraction to bring you to me."

"If we should part again, I know in my heart I will always still be with you. I trust you as the other part of myself. May it all occur as it is meant, in accordance with Higher Divine Will. I bless you my twin, and wish you love. Namaste"

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