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Recognize Your Past Life Lovers

Meeting a lover from a past life can be life changing because of the instant, familiar feelings that overcome us. It can't be mistaken and is the sign of a true friend returning to us. Sometimes a past life lover may share karma with us which makes the relationship too problematic to continue. But when we get it right, meeting that one soulmate who truly cares for us, we find someone to travel through life with keeping us company.

We have a lot in common with past life soulmates, and there are many signs to know when meeting one. To read the 10 ways you can recognise them keep reading below.

Past Life Lovers

1. You Feel Like You Already Know Them

It's hard to explain but everything about this person's personality is strangely familiar. Sure you need to learn about this life and what their situation is, but all else about them feels like something you already know. You're put at ease by them and sometimes just feel amazing just to know them. Some of your conversations may even feel familiar like you've had them before, because maybe you have. It's a deja vu situation at times.

2. You Can Trust Them Implicitly

It doesn't take an extended period to feel like you can trust them. Something about the way you meld together lets you know that you can place trust in them. You will allow them into your home and family life fairly quickly and it won't feel strange; it will feel right. You may be feeling like, "Where have you been all my life".

3. You Can Talk Together For Hours

The two of you may become inseparable quickly, and when together, you can really bring the house down with your conversation. With some people it's so hard to find topics to discuss, but not with you guys. You'll find yourself discussing intimate matters you never normally bring up, and won't feel strange about it. This is a real bond and you feel great together.

4. Where Did The Time Go?

The outside world stops when you're together and you don't notice time moving, if fact it does seem to move a lot faster. You won't notice the day disappearing, or the night for that matter, because you become so involved together. Whether its politics, world affairs, movies, food or whatever, you're overtaken and may only just remember meals by your stomach rumbles. All else is forgotten. This is a nice way to spend your day.

5. You'll Share A Telepathic Connection

Chances are your connection will be deeper than normal and you may feel emotions that the other is going through. This can also deepen as time goes on and is a remnant of your past connections together. You have agreed as souls to meet again to continue on this close connection. You may even come to thinking very similarly as you synch even more together. You may feel if one of you is in trouble and call them up. You'll synchronise together and share all your news as it happens.

6. You Don't Judge Each Other

Part of your bond is the acceptance you share together, and you basically don't judge them anything. Judgment tends to come in when we don't know a person properly and it's easier to judge than to care. But you know each other so well it doesn't enter either of your minds. Sometimes other people may come between briefly, you but you stay positive. If you don't understand something they did, you tend to forgive or extend the benefit of the doubt. You always come back together after any fight and make it up, unless the circumstances were exceptional.

7. Shared Past Life Recall

It's possible you have past life memories together that you recall. This isn't common unless you've looked into your past lives, but you may recall having other relationships with them. For example, being part of the same family. Or you may be aware of a past life location or a different culture you shared together. These are special kind memories. You can always try past life regression to bring up deeper memories if you're both curious although this isn't necessary to this life time.

8. Your Love Is Very Deep

Some relationships turn out to be a short lived infatuation, others may be a lesser love, and sometimes our marriages don't work due to karma or changing our directions. But your past life love with this person is much deeper. They spark so many feelings in you because you've been together for thousands of years and are best friends. Even if you broke up romantically for any reason, you would remain best friends because of the soulmate connection. Others may not understand your connection but you both know how deep it goes.

9. Time Apart Makes No Difference

If you were to spend a year apart or more due to work reasons or something other, once reunited you tend to be exactly the same as before. You can start up a conversation as though you saw each other yesterday, even if you were separated for 20 years. Your relationship does not ebb, it is always strong. No amount of time can erase the special bond you share.

10. Your Connection Is Spiritual

It feels like this soulmate can complete you in a way that doesn't come along everyday. In a harsh world, this is rare. You can sit together and not even talk but still feel amazing because of the sensation of wellbeing you experience when you are together. Words can't even describe it. You can always be yourself, without feeling you must lie or pretend about anything. They just about understand all your issues and can always help you. You feel more alive and grateful to know them, and your spirit shines when you are together. They bring out the best in you (and you in them). Just thinking of them can make you smile.

We all need this someone special in our lives. Sometimes it may not last a lifetime but only a few years. Yet we all have past life people, either friends, family or lovers, who make our life worth living.

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