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Psychic Shielding: 5 Step Technique

Your psychic shield will be made of protective energy that repels energy attacks, dark intent or other psychic attacks and mischief. Does everyone need a psychic shield? Psychics know to shield themselves, but this is also particularly useful for empaths, so that they can block other people's energy that usually affects them (since empaths can take on other's energy like a sponge. Everyone can probably benefit from psychic shielding.

What Can We Shield?

We can effectively shield our own body but also our family, or any family member we are worried about. We can also shield our car, for example if we are forced to park it somewhere dangerous overnight, we can shield and intend protection for it. When we go away on holiday, we can also shield our home while we are gone. We may want to visualise each day we are gone to strengthen the shield.

How Often Do We Need To Shield?

The shields we create out of energy disperse over time, so it is wise to top up the shield each day, or more often if we feel we are under specific attack (for example someone is irate about something out of our control). You can just do a general shielding once a week. Generally speaking, you can do a quick shielding each morning before leaving the house and this should be adequate.

Types Of Shielding

Shielding with energy is all about visualising the type of shield you would like around yourself. Most will use a bubble of energy such as white light. Some people imagine a mirrored surface around their body, or even a mirror in front of their body to reflect negative energy. A mirror tends to reflect All energy so intend for only negative energy to be deflected. Some people say they create a shield that molds the body. It is probably easier to image a bubble encircling the body and a few feet our from the body, so that your aura is also enclosed in this protective bubble.

Shielding Technique: Visualise & Intend

  1. All you need to do is sit or lie down in a relaxed manner, or meditate if you prefer.
  2. It helps to invoke your angels or guides to provide protection during the day and night; they happily comply.
  3. Begin to imagine the shield the way you would like it, or what is easier for you to visualise. A simple shield of white light is sufficient. See it growing around you; it may be translucent at first and grow brighter and more powerful.
  4. Keep imagining this for a minute or two (until you become very fast at building this shield, then only for a few seconds). As you imagine it, intend for it to give protection.
  5. Now just acknowledge that it is built and imagine it sealed. This is all that is needed.

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