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5 Tips For Master Number 11

Master Number 11 is a special number because it is one that is never reduced down to a single digit in numerology. This is extremely important and sets this number aside from all others. For example, the number 12 turns into a 3 by way of addition (1+2), but 11 is never added together; it is seen as special and above, which is what the term 'master' implies. To learn about your traits and Life Path please read below.


1. Your Characteristics

11 is a highly intuitive number and shows a very masterful, capable and perhaps psychic individual. As 1 suggests it can indicate new beginnings, especially in a spiritual sense. This person may be a catalyst for spiritual change with the potential also as a healer. This is not to say you must have a 11 to be a healer but is indicating potential.

You are probably an old soul and will possess an abundance of both physical and mental energy. Your mind will work overtime to solve life's problems and you won't tire easily either, so you have the best of both worlds. In addition, you will find you have empathy with others, a quality many people lack, and so will feel closely what others feel. This can translate into helping others and offering your invaluable tips and pieces of wisdom. Just watch that you don't get others coming after you constantly for help or to use your generous nature. Make sure to set your boundaries.

2. Spiritual Qualities

This is also a number of enlightenment, so on top of the spiritual or psychic talents you may possess naturally, you may have a higher perspective that can lead to enlightened experiences. You can see well all that is happening in the world or put together the bigger picture better than others can. You are well equipped to help others with all these gifts, but do not flaunt them to the rest as not everyone is so lucky. You need to remain humble as part of your journey.

3. Large Dreams

You may feel impatient to complete or make reality all of your large dreams. You think big and dream often. You may, in fact, have so many dreams that you must give some of them up; we can't complete everything in one lifetime.

Keep your cool and remind yourself that things take the proper time to be finished well and correctly. This physical world works more slowly than the mental realm and you may need to cool your heels a bit before coming to terms with how long things take. Don't be impatient. This shouldn't stop you though; just remember you can't force things with sheer will, even though you have a lot of 'will'. Go carefully and do everything properly.

4. Your Sensitivity Is Heightened

You may be a sensitive individual but you make a wonderful and loyal friend, and are generally full of kindness. You have innate intelligence and can always find clever solutions. Do watch that you don't overwork yourself - take time to relax as this forms a life balance, and you know how important balance is. Take time out daily to meditate or relax doing a favourite thing.

With your light and empathy, you may begin life in a very open state but should cultivate wariness of others. You don't need to trust all people; do be cautious and this should help you not go all the way with people at once. Take your time before opening right up to others. If you don't you may get burned often or become burned out or even suicidal. You could be prone to using alcohol or drugs if you take a more negative path.

5. Helping This Planet

You could be involved in many projects that help the planet. From inventing or environmentalism (you love nature), to creative solutions, inspired ideas and pitching in to make life better for not just you but all others. Your empathy and basic good nature will put you in good stead for providing ideas regarding many of the issues now facing our world, not that you should put pressure on yourself. If you find yourself in a leadership role or a position to help then you certainly will, even if simply for problems close to your own home. It all helps and is appreciated.

Remember, you are special but you are also of the people, very much so. You will take great joy in all you do to improve the life of others.

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