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Psychic Abilities: A Gift Or Curse?

This is the age old question, are these special abilities more of a gift or a curse, depending on what they bring into your life? Let's look at how it can go both ways and then decide. I'm a psychic clairvoyant and although I've experienced both sides of the equation, I have to go with a Gift, a wonderful talent that can help not just you but also others, if you choose to use it in this way.


Are Your Powers A Curse?

Let's look at the negative side first because whilst a non-psychic may look at the powers as amazing and desirable, a true psychic does suffer because mostly of things they 'see' and 'hear' that they may wish they did't.

It's unavoidable; you dream the future and see bad things, your waking visions are warning you, or you hear voices in your mind that are not friendly. You decide it's a curse and try to avoid your clairvoyance and clairaudience. But is there another way? Yes, and let's discuss what you can do.

1. Dreams & Visions

Firstly, when you dream of a warning or even see visions that show a future  you don't want, often this is for a reason - so you can change or avoid what you are being shown.

For example, I recently had a waking vision where I saw myself and a possible partner and between us on the bed was a baby. I saw that we were very happy and this was one possible future. Then later I spoke to my angels and they told me more of the story - that we'd break up soon after and that the baby would not survive past 5 years old. Yet I am so glad I had that vision because I saw the happiness and bliss that was short-lived. You bet I want to avoid this entire future now I'm armed with knowing the repercussions of what that path involves - much sadness.

People who dream vividly or have visions may turn something that is bad into a better outcome. Who wouldn't want to do that? I can understand the pain involved with seeing an upsetting situation but usually the outcome can be changed. You have to grieve it and then let it go - move onto something more positive. That's why you've experienced before hand, to avoid it.

For those who see an outcome that they can't change may have more reason to be upset but I have a solution for this also. Talk to your angels and request you stop seeing such things. No one ever realises that you can ask for it to stop. Take action. I used to dream often of music, wonderful music as I was considering dating someone in music. I asked my angels to stop those dreams and guess what, I never had another musical dream. We have the power and we just need to know and believe it. Take action. You can ask for something to STOP if you want it too. Many people have no idea you can do this.

2. Rude Voices In Your Mind

This is a common one also, and I too have experienced negative voices from time to time. If you handle this correctly, the annoying and often devious beings trying to talk to you will never come back again.

My tip in this case is to laugh at them, call them a loser (no one has any right to speak in your mind if not invited), and, again - ask your angels to move the entity on into the light. It works. Say it very clearly to your angels, "please move on this entity into the light", or, "please take them to the temple of light and away from the earth." Poof and they are gone. I've never been bothered by disincarnate spirits, simply because they are not worth talking to. Usually they use your name. As soon as they speak, I ask my angels to get rid of them. I then never have to encounter them again.

3. People Don't Accept You

Some people experience negative reactions from others for the fact that they are psychic. My solution to this is pretty easy - don't tell anyone. If you go around telling people your personal situation you can expect to be judged, so try to keep it to yourself as your own personal information. There is no reason for anyone to know this about you and simply let others think are you like every other normal person. It's quite easy actually.

I only mention I'm psychic if a situation calls for it. For example, if I'm in a crystal store and they are pushing me to buy a reading I will mention I'm a clairvoyant. That shuts them up. My bosses never know and neither does anyone else. I stopped mentioning it when I got too many requests for free readings. No one needs to know, which is a good thing.

4. Are You Too Sensitive or Empathic?

This is the curse that affects me; I pick up too much information or emotion from people and it feels like an intrusion for me. But is it a curse? - only sometimes.

I can pick up energy simply walking past people and it can feel like a slap to the face sometimes. But worst for me is that I can hear lies. When anyone is lying I will know it immediately it's out of their mouth. Lies bug me so I don't enjoy this ability much, but it does let me know who the liars are and who not to trust, so it's this a good thing? Ultimately yes, it is.

Are Your Powers A Gift?

The answer to this: are your abilities a gift - is a clear YES. Despite the fact they can sometimes, occasionally, make life slightly challenging, overall you can get far ahead with psychic powers, especially if you use them wisely.

When I say "use them wisely", ask yourself, do you work with your angels? Do you get advice or help when making decisions. A hint is that your angels know what will work and what won't before you even decide on a course of action. So my advice is to ask them and listen carefully. Sometimes angels may wait for you to work someone out first before they put their two cents into it. But when it comes to buying a car, for example, they will tell you if it's reliable and will last a long time. How does this make life harder? Well it doesn't.

I once had a mechanic who told me the gasket on my car had blown and I needed to spend 3 grand or else the car would die and need a new engine. Later on I asked my angels about it, and they told me that no, the car wouldn't die. They said I would drive the car for years with no problems. I then ignored the mechanic and kept driving my car happily for about 14 more years without much of an issue. This certainly saved me a lot of money.

Another advantage is you can help many people if you ever decide to do readings, plus making extra money that can really add up. You can do readings for friends and family if they are interested. Start a small business; you might have extra time to do one or two readings daily. It really adds up.

You can use it when going for job interviews to work out if the job is right for you. Normally you'd have to accept the job and work there in order to check itout, but not when you have angels who are happy to tell you. I recently used it to find a good dentist. I asked my angels about one dentist and they said to keep looking. When I asked them about the next one, they said yes, I  would do well there. So far he has been excellent when doing a bit of work on my teeth. I'm quite happy about it. A dentist can rip you off if you get a bad one who makes up work that needs to be done.

You can even learn tarot and use the cards, because they give you a good idea also. And, you may be able to talk to passed loved ones as your skills expand, and keep them in your life. Just because someone has passed on doesn't mean they aren't still around you helping you out. Write down your conversations, it really is fun.

Solution? Yes, it's a Gift.

I could not live without my psychic side. I have a good friendship with the angels. They cheer me up when I am down and, here's a tip: angels are very funny - you've been warned. They can even tickle you to keep you behaving lol.

Any warnings you receive are truly golden. Who doesn't want to avoid disasters? The visions are nice. I've had visions of intimacy fact, I've been told avoid intimacy with so and so or I'd end up in an unhappy marriage. I listen to these things. My advice is to improve your psychic powers, play with it and look at it positively. It's a gift maybe more than you realise so use it to guide you, absolutely. Then any issues you have will feel less serious and will be overcome more easily. Use your angels, tell them  when entities are bugging you, tell them to stop sending the dreams, turn it around. Oh and, good luck!

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