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6 Ways To Best Use A Pendulum

You're probably going to become very good at using a pendulum after reading this article since it's an invaluable tool for gaining information. It's also absolutely free to use, so your pendulum will probably sit somewhere convenient and you can pull it out whenever you need. Perhaps it will sit next to your trusty tarot deck for extra confirmation on any questions about your life you have.


Pendulums, of course, consist of a weight, often natural crystal although may be a different kind of weight, sitting on a chain or string of some kind that can swing freely from your fingers. It may or may not contain a fob that can be held in the hand as you use the pendulum.

Pendulum Techniques - Using Your Pendulum

If you are unfamiliar with using a pendulum or need a reminder, the following six steps will help to remind you how to use it correctly:

1. Allow your mind to become calm and take a few deep breaths to steady yourself and allow you to focus. Be seated comfortably and hold your pendulum ready for use above a surface is usually easier. Position the pendulum by balancing your elbow on something solid like the surface of a table or chair. Let the pendulum dangle from your hand by 2-3 inches. You want to remain relaxed and try to keep your arm fairly still although it doesn't have to be perfectly still.

2. Ask the angels to come in and protect you as you work. In any spiritual work this is always a good idea and takes just a moment to ask. You may want to surround yourself with white light by closing your eyes and visualising it for one moment. You can even ask for God to make sure the session is protected if you wish.

3. Decide what signals you wish to use for your pendulum. This is how you receive your answer after you have put it to the pendulum, and you will probably keep the same signals you use the first time you use a pendulum.

For example, it swings clockwise (how the clock turns) to mean a Yes answer.

It swings counter clockwise (opposite way to the clock) to mean a clear No answer.

It doesn't swing at all or just moves side to side without direction it means it cannot give you an answer or the answer is not known. We do not always get a clear answer so in this case you can try again at another time to see if the situation has changed, or you can rephrase your question and ask it another way.

You do not need to specify what your signals are every time you use the pendulum. However, if you've not used it in a while you might like to remind yourself and the pendulum of the signals so they are clear in your mind. Do a quick clockwise turn and say out loud that it means yes, then counter-clockwise and indicate no. This should refresh your memory.

Another pendulum

4. Choose your source if this is the first time using this pendulum. You can ask for information from your Higher Self, which is a higher part of your own Light Body, or you could even specify your angels to give you answers if you wish. You do not have to do this each time you pick up your pendulum, although occasionally you might like to verify this to make doubly sure the answers come from the right source.

5. Ask Away. This is the fun bit that we've been waiting for. There are a few ways to ask questions and some ways you shouldn't use or else the answers will not be clear. You want to make your questions specific and make them into yes/no questions.

For example: Will I be successful in what I am trying to do (name project)?
Will I be happy if I try this activity (name activity)?
Will this person say yes if I ask this question (say question)?

Questions cannot be answered if you asked: Should I do this activity?
Your Higher Self or angels cannot specify if you "should" do something. They do not want to tell you what to do but rather you need to make that decision yourself. However, if you instead asked "Would this activity work out in a success (specify success), then you have a better chance of a yes/no answer.

6. Before moving onto your next question, you may like to quickly clear your crystal by touching it on either your hand or a surface by just tapping it quickly. You do not strictly need to do this but it can help some people to clear away that question from their minds before they ask another. If you forget to do this step, do not be overly concerned.

Below are some common questions people often ask about Pendulums.

Are Pendulums Accurate & Correct?

Pendulums, if used correctly, are very accurate and correct. The reason we use them is because they are able to give good advice, at least as good as our questions are. Of course each person needs to find out for themselves how they can work with their pendulum to get the best or most accurate results. The trick is to keep trying and keep improving.

Your questions may be less than perfect as you start to use it, but over time you should get good at knowing what you can and can't ask, and your questions will improve. So do not give up on using your pendulum unless you find an even better way, like for example talking directly to your guides. This tool is worthy even if it can put our fears at rest or make waiting for an answer so much more easy.

Are Pendulums Ever "Evil" Or Bad?

Every pendulum itself is not an evil or bad tool, and as long as you surround yourself in good intention (or God's light) before using your pendulum, it will be completely safe to use. It is a divination tool much like other tools, i.e. tarot cards, so in itself it is not evil. As long as you are not aligned with bad spirits, and you ask for your angels to be around you, then negative spirits cannot interfer in the session. It simply means that you bring through answers from a positive source.

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