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What Are Spells & Rituals?

When we use spells we are using the natural energies of the universe plus our intent to help us manifest an outcome we want. The laws of the universe only allow us to do certain things, and we can never change the free will of another living creature in order to make something happen.

So called Magic is determined by the universal laws of nature and not by our own will, yet we can produce what seems like magic by using our own angels to help us when we need it. We are free to master and use laws like the Law Of Attraction (like energy attracts like energy) to help us find what we want. For example if we want lots of money, we can start resonating more to abundance in order to 'attract' it through the law of attraction.


What you should realise is that most times when we state our intent (i.e. we work a spell) it is our angel team who help us to manifest what we want. Angels and spirit guides are intelligent beings who are always helping humans to bring us exactly what we need at the exact right time, whether its a job, a partner, a house, or a business. They often follow our own Life Plan - the conditions we set for ourself pre-birth. If you are trying to use a spell to create wealth, it may not work if that is not your life plan this time around. But there is a power inherent in speaking words out loud and invoking an outcome, for it shows the universe that you are ready for something to arrive.

Are Spells Positive, Negative, Good Or Evil?

With a spell, ritual or invocation, it can be either positive or negative, meaning you are either working to bring positive effects to yourself and letting your angels help you, or you're working negatively to try to do damage to others, in which case you may well be summoning evil spirits to come and work with you, even if you aren't trying to. This is why you must always spend a moment to protect yourself before starting your magic work. When you protect yourself with an incantation or white light, you disallow negative beings to simply come along or attach to you. This way, they can't come into your aura as it can be difficult to then get rid of them again. Always work with positive beings when doing magic by asking them to help you.

In effect then, it is possible to use dark magic in spell making but this is at your own risk. No good karma comes from this and it is not recommended because the dark side is like a slide downwards that is difficult to get off again. Many who take this path find it hard to return to goodness. The best way to return is a prayer to the Christ and coming under his protection. The Christ will cast out negative beings and dissolve any darkness around a person.

How To Cast A Spell Or Incantation

The crux of any spell is the intention behind it, or what you are asking for. If you are asking with positive emotion, then the spell is even stronger. You cannot, for example, make another person fall in love with you or stay in love forever because all people are free and have their own free will. When asking for money or abundance, it must be stated already in your life plan before this can occur. It must be approved by your spirit team or they won't bring it for you.

The way to cast your spell involves some simple steps as you put your intention out into the universe. You can use all kinds of various steps to do this, and there is no one way that works above all others. We often cast spells without realising it, so even these 'steps' are not necessary, although some people prefer using them.

Have you ever felt sick of a situation, or sick of being alone and said with utter certainty to the universe, "never will that happen again," or "I want to meet a really nice person now". The timing was just right and you were ready, and suddenly soon after you meet someone. You may not realise it but you already met all the requirements of casting a spell. It is your intent that counts and little else. Sending out intent is how we created our own life and all in it. We always ask for things, maybe not even aware we are doing so.

If you wish to use objects to help you to focus and make your intent stronger or clearer, this can certainly help. Lighting candles, saying a prayer, using any object like rose petals, crystals, herbs, a bag to contain them, a written prayer of intent, or anything such as this is used as part of the process of spelling. You may have an alter, special music, incense, or perform it outside under the stars or moon. Whatever makes you feel relaxed or magical can be helpful. However, do remember these objects are not important at all, and hold no magical value in or of themselves; it is the focus of intent in your mind that does the work for you.

What Do People Use Spells For?

To bring any of these following qualities into their lives: money, health, success, love, new job, business, luck, happiness. These are the basic subjects that most white magic spells are written for.

Do they work? You can try any number of spells to see for yourself if you think they work. Personally, I have found that repeating positive affirmations work much better than saying an incantation and then forgetting about it. Using affirmations for a few weeks can invoke the law of attraction, and may help you to resonate to what you are wishing for, therefore attracting it.

Here are some affirmations:

For Love: I am ready for new love to enter my life, love comes to me now.

For Abundance: I attract money everyday. Money keeps flowing to me abundantly.

For Health: My health is increasing as I care for myself. It improves each day.

Business: My business is growing and attracting new clients/customers all the time.

Luck: Good luck comes to me now. I am showered with wonderful luck.

Job: I can find just the right job for me. It comes to me in the correct timing.

These must be repeated over and over many times a day for a few weeks to reprogram your subconscious to resonate to the words, so that when new love, or money starts to come, you will be quite ready.

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