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Telepathy Between Lovers & Soulmates

Telepathy often occurs between close people who share bonds like lovers and soul mates, or even friends and family at times. In this article I want to look at how lovers and soulmates communicate when they do so telepathically. Also, how can we learn how to create these super close telepathic bonds that let us communicate over distances through our mind only? Let's look at the steps.


Can You Learn To Be Telepathic?

The answer to this question is a Yes, of course. We all have the ability to be telepathic and all we need to do is practice forms of telepathy to get better. The real problem is not can we do it but who do we practice with? You need to find someone who wants to talk mind-to-mind and link with you deeply when you are not together. Perhaps this is why lovers make such amazing telepathic partners. We think of our lovers often and, when not with them, we fantasize. Can they hear our loving thoughts and send us messages or merge more fully with us when we're apart?

Such communication can also commonly happen between twins especially if they are very close, but even close siblings can be mutually telepathic as can parents or children. You can often simply sense when someone you care about needs you or is hurt, although you may say that's an intuitive feeling, which is similar. When we practice these links and bonds, we can actually learn to send a person a mental message like, "Call me; I'm in trouble". If someone has been practicing with you, they should hear this message in their own mind and recognise that it's you. Remember, telepathic messages are not just words, they are energy that feels like a person you know.

4 Signs Of Telepathic Communication

1. You can still communicate telepathically even when you are with someone. They could be in the same house or even sitting next to you. If your mind is still, you may sense when they think of you strongly, for example when they are angry with you, or when they are feeling very loving towards you. Someone needs to be thinking of us in real time for us to get the message in real time.

If someone was thinking strongly of you whilst you were sleeping, for example, you may get the message the first moment when you awake. Do you ever suddenly think of someone as soon as you are conscious? When this occurs, notice if they said something or what feeling you had around them. You can receive all kinds of messages the first moment of awakening, and also last moment before you drift off. Different spirits or angels can use these opportunities as well to send a quick or meaningful message.

2. Lovers often love each other telepathically over a distance. What if your lover has gone away for a few days or longer, and all you have is the computer or the phone? You may get lonely and think of them romantically that night, or if you take a nap. When you have time to think like this, you may just hook up with them telepathically. You'll be aware of this if there's a strongly charged exchange. Normally a fantasy will not carry a strong energy either way, but if it is very enjoyable, perhaps they were thinking of you.

Sometimes there can be an incredible energy and your entire body tingles just thinking of them. You could get huge jolts of energy having innocent thoughts of them. This is strongly telepathic and you can learn to harness or enjoy these exchanges.

3. What about telepathic sex; is this possible? When we are in a relationship with someone, we are already very close to them and usually we are already telepathic with them in ways that simply seem natural. So when they are away for a night, why not practice thinking of them sexually - of course let them know beforehand and set a time. You can see what works for you. People talk about telepathic pleasure and bliss, but you will need a partner who is open to it and who can enjoy it with you.

4. Sometimes there may be someone we have a crush on who works around us, or is a neighbour or friend of a friend. A person we meet briefly may be already taken so that a true relationship may never occur, yet why do we feel them so strongly? Sometimes we may have a telepathic bond with a person who physically cannot join us, but they may send us comfort or telepathic love. We may do well to avoid these types unless we feel an almost past-life bond.

You may not have encouraged it, but you could have an unusual bond that is ONLY telepathic. For example, you might walk past them at work and almost faint from your attraction. You may talk for two minutes and get all giggly. Someone like this may even avoid talking to you because they are married yet, when you are alone, you can still feel them. If they are attracted they may try to block you out. Are they 'telepathing' with us?

It is up to us to chose those who we telepath with for sometimes it is okay, and sometimes other people may feel wrong, or we may feel we are intruding and it might be best to butt out.

So you can see, there are many types of telepathic relationships we can have from family, to lovers, to strangers and it is up to us to chose the ones that feel right to us. If we lose touch with someone, we may maintain a type of telepathic tie that gives us and them comfort. These relationships are not always wrong but we must remember to be careful. Telepathy is a very interesting topic and one we can get a lot of pleasure from if used wisely.

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