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14 Signs You're A Medium

A psychic medium isn't a strange person who wears hoop-earrings and loose, hippie clothing - any of us can be a medium without even knowing it. If you are extra sensitive, sense a lot more than most people, or have had any extraordinary, supernatural experiences (you may even see them as ordinary) then you may very well be a medium. Communicating with spirits will be easier for you and you may have other abilities as well. See the signs below:


What Is A Medium?

Let's discuss what mediumship is so you know what you're dealing with. A medium is a psychic who can access spirits and people who have passed on after dying from this world. Mediums can even see and talk to animals who have passed on, so this is quite a wonderful ability.

If you're sensitive to energy in this world and sense things by reading the energy of people and places, you probably have a few different psychic abilities, such as clairsentience (clear feeling). You may be an empath and sense the emotions of others very clearly. Mediumship is a little extra to this. Let's take a look at the signs.

14 Signs Of Mediumship

1. Your parents will be able to tell you if you ever had invisible friends when you were growing up, in case you've forgotten. Maybe you were 4 years old and still spoke often with, or interacted with, an invisible friend - probably your angels and guides.

2. You sense an energy around you who you may not talk to, but they are there - usually your angels. It is just an unnameable energy really that is loving and kind. You may even enjoy being alone sometimes because you interact with it usually with jokes. You may make up funny jokes and stories all the time and laugh with this 'energy'. You are reaching up into higher dimensions.

3. You will see things on the sidelines of your vision, like flashes, energy balls, sparkles or auras with your physical eyes. This is not normal and not everyone sees this. These light events are signs of other beings in other dimensions who are around you. If you sense or see auras or colours around living things, then you are quite clairvoyant.

4. You sense or feel spirits or ghosts either in your home or when in other places. A ghost is more of a recording from the past, but a spirit is sentient like we are, and they can either be human or something else in spirit form. You might talk to spirits or try to move them on into the light, helping them to let go.

5. You know a dark spirit when one is around. These are in fact more obvious and probably many people can sense them, but you sense them keenly. You may even see them or hear what they are saying. In the past, the world was flooded with them, and different ones come along all the time. It is best to say, "Angels, please take this dark spirit into the light of God and remove it from the earth forevermore."

6. You're very interested in anything 'psychic', be it stories, books, tv shows, cards or psychic events. You are also interested in Healing, psychic healing or anything to do with manipulating energy, reading energy or divination. You think it's cool. Only someone with latent abilities is naturally drawn to these things like you are. Not all mediums will have this, but if you do, then it is a positive sign.

7. You're oversensitive to energy generally. You may find it difficult to be around crowds, and this can develop more over time. You're a thinker and like to spend time alone to recharge yourself more so than others. You can be in crowds like clubs or sporting events but only for a few hours, otherwise it becomes like torture.

8. You love animals and crystals, and also nature. You can sense the healing energy of crystals, and animals love you too. You may even sense how they feel, or any problems with them. You are protective of nature and may hike, ride, jog or whatever in natural settings, or you may surf, etc. You never litter either.

9. People come after you for advice, healing (unconsciously) or just to take your time. You are a natural healer and need to set boundaries so you aren't taken advantage of. You need to turn this off so that others don't sense it, otherwise you are in huge supply. This is too exhausting! Only let good friends into your circle and send the others away. You have to take good care of yourself or get worn right out.

10. You're aware of other psychic powers like clairaudience or clairsentience. You may easily hear voices on occasion or sense solutions to issues easily. Pehaps you meditate and sense many things then. These are natural abilities you can develop. Mediums are always clairaudient and clairsentient, so you will have those somewhere if you're a medium.

11. You may feel that you don't belong on earth, and have trouble relating to humans. You may find them harsh, stupid and insensitive and want to keep away from them. You probably don't watch much television and find it trashy. You could prefer reading or computers. Your soul is a little older than most people's, so you are more refined. You hate violence and do not tolerate liars.

12. You dream of future events before they've happened, have visions, see probable futures, or get "warnings" then you could be a medium as well. Often those with psychic sensitivity experience warnings, usually from their angels, or have waking visions of things to come. Many people often hate the warnings, but they are actually quite helpful in terms of changing bad things before they happen.

13. Sometimes when you close your eyes, or your mind drifts, you see images of people who you feel may be trying to communicate. You could describe what they are wearing, how old they are, and hair and eye colour. They may come by your house for no reason except they know you can see them. Tell your angels to get rid of them if they are bugging you.

14. You actually get messages from people who have passed on, for one reason or another. You may see them or sense how they feel. They are very real to you, or you may even know them. Their messages are usually by way of hearing them speak, but you may receive images, smells, tastes and other psychic phenomenon. This is mediumship and you are already doing it.

Any of these signs indicates you are psychic even if it is latent, and probably a medium as well. You don't have to develop your mediumship. For example, I can do mediumship but have not developed it. I simply like talking to angels or channeling but am not interested in spirits. Good luck with your development.

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