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The Art Of Scrying

obsidian sphere Scrying is more involved and technical than it at first seems. With the art of scrying, there are various methods, mediums and types of scrying involved. It is a type of psychic skill that is no longer particularly used. Most psychics in modern times are either Mediums or Clairvoyants (or both). When you go for a reading, there may be a crystal ball sitting on a table for decoration, but the psychic will read using cards, taking an object and holding it for first impressions, or merely tuning into your energy. With the advent of skype and email readings, most modern psychics are proficient reading at a distance and don't need a lot of tools. However old fashioned scrying is interesting in terms of seeing what the ancient psychics did before better methods evolved.

Perhaps one reason why scrying is rarely practiced is that it is a form of trance reading and trance mediumship. Yet a trance is never necessary to bring through  information clairvoyantly. Scrying was probably a place for psychics to start, being fashionable in a bygone era. Perhaps they needed to convince onlookers that the images they saw were inside their ball or mirror, when in fact scrying is about invoking the inner eye to see clairvoyantly in the mind's eye.

Connecting Psychically

Every psychic, no matter the psychic sense used, needs to focus on something initially in order to "connect". Some may take the hands of the client, others tune in whilst their hands are busy laying out their cards. For myself, I learned to tune into the clients' questions and concerns to connect that way. What scryers do is to specifically look deep into their crystal ball and tune in this way, or tune OUT into a trance as the case may be. They would use the ball to induce or allow themself to fall into a semi-trance or trance state. It is said they then see images in the ball, but it is their own mind's eye that captures images sent to them from spirit.

There has always been a lot of mystery around crystal balls, yet scryers are simply using clairvoyance and inner vision. If a scryer is not psychic and not clairvoyant, they may merely see shapes inside the ball, like we see shapes in the clouds, and read this way.

Tools Of Scrying

1. Quartz crystal and crystal balls, both clear or black, are always popular.

2. Others don't fuss about using a ball but use a Polished Stone (i.e. obsidian) that they lay out on a table before them. It must be big enough but doesn't need to be overly large. A modest piece of dark, reflective stone will do.

3. Ordinary Glass has been used for scrying due to its reflective quality.

4. Water is another popular scrying tool when placed into a dark bowl. Picture Galadriel from The Lord Of The Rings and her pool of water that she used for scrying; a perfect example of water scrying.

5. Oil in a bowl has also been used.

6. A Mirror is a common and perhaps the most easily available tool. In the past women would have small hand mirrors and something like this was easy to use. Also, a mirror can be any reflective surface or object. In ancient times they did not possess the mirrors we use today, so for a mirror they used any polished metal like silver or brass.

History Of Scrying

Scrying has been around for thousands of years, beginning in China in around 3000 BC, in ancient Egypt as far back as 2500 BC. Also ancient Greeks (2000 BC), Romans and Celts practiced this art. Early scrying was not an attempt to speak to spirit or angels, but to try to glimpse future scenarios. Today's psychics will do both simultaneously. It was perhaps a bit hit or miss depending on the psychic level of the seer (how open their psychic centers are). Since this all occurred before a little thing called science evolved, it was not approached scientifically, or probably very sensibly. Image the power the so called seers had when Kings consulted them over weighty issues of war. The Kings would have probably had a more accurate reading if they read their own Tarot. Scrying did however add mystery to life and might still have the power to make us shiver were we to see someone trance out over a crystal ball.

Scrying vs The Clair Senses?

If you are going to try scrying, say a prayer of protection first. This is because spirits will hear your intent to connect to the other side and unfriendly spirits may wish to come through, or take an interest in you. I would not personally play with this kind of thing in order to get information. It is much easier to safely develop yourself clairvoyantly or clairaudiently, and you will get much faster, clearer and perfect information with practice. Scrying is pretty piece meal, you may receive tiny impressions about nothing at all relevant. There are reasons why we no longer use this method.

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