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8 Major Psychic Powers

obsidian sphereThere are eight major "clair" psychic powers or abilities ranging from the most well known, clairvoyance, all the way to little known clairalience and clairgustance. Let's run through what each of these are and how they can help in everyday life situations.

1. Clairvoyance

This is the ability to SEE clearly, whether through your mind's eye and with visions, or through your actual eyes (which is rarer). Psychics who do readings, 'see' in their mind's eye situations or people and can describe this to their clients. This power never works alone and is always complimented by other abilities that help to make sense of the information, such as clairsentience and clairaudience. Yet, it is through clairvoyance that a psychic quickly receives visual information to pass on. They can describe things clearly like a person, a new love, a residence or new workplace, or other situations.

Some of the abilities on this page can be learned, such as clairvoyance, through practise and sensitivity, whilst some others cannot be learned. Learn how to Develop Your Clairvoyance here.

2. Clairsentience

Clairsentience is perhaps the most common of all the clairs, and it is the ability to FEEL things around a situation, a person, or a future experience. You may see the picture with clairvoyance, but to feel it is to know many things about it. Clairsentients often pick up feelings from others (and may also have increased empathy) but can also feel into the future. They can tell you how relevant parties are feeling, what their mood is, or how likely they are to react to a change. You can get a good view of the situation with clairsentience.

Clairsentient people can also pick up feelings of those around them in life, even strangers who are walking past. This is why this clair is the most common of all, and probably most people have it in some sense. You may tell how someone is feeling by their body language, but can you feel what they're trying to hide? If you know how someone is feeling and there is no visual clue, then you are sensing it clairsentiently. Read more at Develop Your Clairsentience.

3. Clairaudience

Clairaudience is the ability to HEAR telepathically, either your angels and guides or passed loved ones. You hear the voices in your mind, as well as perhaps seeing and feeling them as per the above abilities. All of these senses work together. I work with angels often and I hear them very clearly; I also sense them and their laughter although I do not see them.

Clairsentience is basically the same thing as telepathy. You will use this sense if you are 'channeling'. You can learn to listen to what is in your mind and learn to improve this ability. Many people who hear voices, or are described as schizophrenic, may be hearing actual voices from disincarnate spirits who decide to bug them or want them to do destructive actions. Ask your angels to remove any beings if you are being bugged by them and to take them to the light. Read more and learn this skill at Develop Your Clairaudience.

4. Claircognizance

Claircognizance is clear KNOWING and is a very interesting one. Many people may have this occasionally but not be aware of it, as it's one power than cannot be cultivated or learned. It kind of strikes and allows us to take advantage of the errant knowledge. This knowledge may come from our guides or Higher Self.

It happens when you suddenly know something out of the blue, are absolutely certain of it, but the knowledge came seemingly from nowhere. It's likened to an instant download of data to your mind. For example, you are looking at buying a car and the second you see a certain car, you are sure it has no engine issues and you know somehow this is the one that will work out; it feels destined. Or someone may tell you about an investment and without knowing why, you know it will fail, and you could bet your life on it. Read more about this skill at What Is Claircognizance?

5. Clairempathy

Many people are empaths and clairempathy is described as clear EMOTIONAL FEELING. It is the picking up of emotion when physically around another person, or even an animal in the case of an animal empath. The difference between clairempathy can clairsentience is that sentience is about feeling emotion at a distance, and feeling them from the past and future as well. Whereas empathy is about picking up on an emotion whilst with someone in present time, without trying to. Often empaths have to learn what to do with other people's impinging emotions to block, shield or protect themselves.

I use clairsentience all the time but I also have a good measure of empathy as well. I can pick up feelings and emotions when I do readings. Empaths can tend to have a lot of water in their charts or in fact be water signs (cancer, scorpio, and pisces) and are usually adversely affected by the emotions they feel, which are unwelcome. Read more at Are You A Psychic Empath?

6. Clairtangency

Clairtangency, otherwise known as Psychometry, is the sense of clear TOUCH. Through touching an object, one can tell you information about places the object has been, who owned it, how they felt and information of this kind. Clairtangency can be used by a psychic reader, who will commonly ask you if they can hold a ring or piece of jewellery. Other psychics may reach over and begin by holding your hands directly, if this is how they tune in. For those who don't possess psychometry, it may seem as if they are using the other psychic talents, yet this is a separate clair based on reading the energy left behind on the object. All objects contain energy that can be read.

I do not have much psychometry myself, yet sometimes I can't even touch an object, or bring myself to go near to it, because it is holding bad energies. Like a repelling magnet, my hand is blocked by an invisible force, so clairtangency is definitely real. To read more about it go to this article What Is Psychometry?

7. Clairalience

Clairalience is clear SMELLING and as the name suggests, you can smell odours out of the blue when there is no physical source for them. Usually you're at home and you may smell baking, or the smell of cigarette smoke, or fish, or whatever odour that suggests someone to you who has passed over. This can be their way of visiting you and giving you a message.

Some people may smell beautiful perfume of flowers that suggest an angel may be with them. This is a specific talent that not many people have but if you're giving a reading, you can suggest the smell and it will recall to the client a particular person who always smelled that way, or had a favourite flower, etc. Read more at What Is Clairalience?

8. Clairgustance

Clairgustance is clear TASTING and means you can taste certain things that you have not actually eaten. It occurs, again as with clairalience, usually as a sign from angels or passed loved ones, and the item you can taste will indicate someone significant who is associated with the taste. For example you can taste fresh bread, tea, chocolate, in fact it could be anything. This ability is useful when giving readings as it can indicate to the client who you are talking about and validate clearly that they are present. Read more at What Is Clairgustance?

More Psychic Powers

There are more psychic powers that are not clairs, for example those who are medical intuitives, those who are angel intuitives or who channel. I shall be writing articles about these soon so please stay tuned.

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