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Are You A Psychic Empath?

You connect well with people but sometimes a little bit too well? Do you soak up other people's emotions against your own will, or do you find yourself desiring what others do just to make them happy? This describes the qualities of empathy and you may well be an empath.

What Is Empathy?

Empathy is the ability to feel other people's emotions as though they were their own. If an empath is around another person, they will naturally as a matter of course feel much that the other person is feeling at that time, especially if they have a close bond with them. The close personal bond is not necessary, for the empath may begin to vibrate emotionally in resonance to any person they may be talking to. It could even be a complete stranger who passes on the street; a very sensitive empath tends to "take on" emotions of others as though they were their own.

There is a downside to this because the empath then ends up affected emotionally by others to a great degree, and can carry those emotions around with them for some time, emotions that don't even originate within them.

Say a person is feeling vulnerable, alone, depressed or even suicidal. An empath is in danger of catching these feelings by beginning to vibrate in unison with the person. An empath can be going about their business, start talking to a workmate, neighbour, friend or relative and suddenly their great mood plummets and they feel bad for the rest of the day. They have taken on the bad mood of the other, first sensing it keenly and then, out of empathy, joining them as it were in those same feelings.

The problem is that many empaths do not realise this is what they are doing. They may not realise they are psychically matching the other person's energy and mood. All they know is a certain person always leaves them feeling low, unsettled, or angry. They may not take the time to protect themselves from that other person's energy or block it out.

Difference Between Empathy & Clairsentience

Yes there is a difference between these two abilities although both describe psychic sensitivity of a certain type. You can be one without being the other; or you could be both or even neither. However, we all seem to have a bit of each. For example, I am very clairsentient but not what I would consider an empath. So let's describe the difference between each.

The empath takes on other people's energy, yet the clairsentient does not take it on. They may sense it to some degree, but do not take it into their own body. Clairsentience also covers a wider range of sensitivity; for example also picking up on what others are thinking, their thoughts along with their feelings. If you think about it, the thoughts and feelings go together in a package, so the clairsentient often gets both of these together. They can read the energy and read the intent, understand what another is feeling without vibrating to those feelings themself. An empath tends to wear their heart on their sleeve, and whilst this is noble, it means their heart can get hurt (or at the very least exhausted). It is possible to tone down this sensitivity and develop it into clairsentience - in other words, picking up on other's feelings without taking them internally and carrying them around.

If you feel you are an empath after reading this article, it could be time to look into training yourself psychically so that you can learn to tell the difference between what is your own internal emotional environment, and what comes into your body from others in the emotional spectrum.

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