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Psychic Empath - Training & Development

Empathy is the ability to feel other people's emotions as though they were their own. If an empath is around another person, they will naturally as a matter of course feel much that the other person is feeling at that time, especially if they have a close bond with them. A very sensitive empath tends to "take on" emotions of others as though they were their own.


Why Be An Empath?

It never hurts to learn to be more sensitive (i.e. psychic) and able to better read energy that comes from others. It can make life easier in some ways to have insights about others regarding their emotional state, and can make helping them easier too. Empaths usually have very open hearts and a love of helping other people. Many empaths become burned out or exhausted over time, if they do not manage the empathic ability well, so there can be a very real downside to all of this as well. But in general, if you learn to not take on too much of other people's problems or emotions, it can be a lovely blessing to understand or know the emotions that a close loved one is going through.

How To Open To Empathy

Usually empaths are naturally born with the ability to feel the emotions from other people. It is usually an unasked for skill that people try to naturally tone down since it can be burdensom. But what if you do not possess this ability and would like to? Can it be done?

I believe any of us can increase our sensitivity in any way we wish, but are you prepared to open your heart and experience other people's emotions? Usually you will not sense someone's emotions first hand unless your heart is actually open and you hold a harmless attitude towards them. The heart is the key that unlocks empathy. This does not mean you should turn away from this skill but perhaps consider opening the heart chakra gently to see what effects this could have on your life.

The Heart Chakra

When we train to open our chakras, for example if we are on a spiritual path, we always start with the heart. This will actually help us to open and balance our other chakras, say for psychic development. So your hint is: be open to being loving! We open the heart through using its primary function - LOVE. Before you turn away from this notion remember this is a Science. Love, life, God and science are all intricately connected, so why not experiment with your own heart; it could cause interesting revelations.

Just as certain psychic powers are accessed through their corresponding chakras or energy centers, usually the higher chakras, so too is empathy accessed I believe directly through the heart. The heart is the middle point between the higher and lower charkas. All I can say to the student is practice love and focus your meditations on your heart. Imagine a steady, pink energy in your heart; can you see it? It may begin as a tiny little point of light, but as you focus and intend, it can begin to increase in size and brightness. Imagine love around you and flowing through you. Imagine it flowing from you into others, a harmless pink love. Now focus on someone and can you feel what they are feeling? Love is the code that opens many higher abilities, such as energy healing abilities. Empathy is a great place to start though.

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