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Learn To Develop Clairvoyance

We are all born with clairvoyant abilities that we tend to exhibit as young children but then block as we get older, in order to "fit" into society. The ability of "clear seeing" refers to seeing beyond the physical dimension using our third eye. Clairvoyants can see in two ways; some can see auras and spirits whilst others can see images in their minds eye, like a still or moving image that depicts the past, present or future. To read more about what clairvoyance is, please refer to my article on Clairvoyance here.

1. Will It To Be


Clairvoyance is a skill that can be learned and honed through practice. It is a natural God-given skill that can help us to navigate through this world. The first step to development must be the will to be clairvoyant. Just as with any other talent we may nurture, we must have sufficient will power to go after it and persevere long enough to see results. Many of us may have a passing fancy for an afternoon to be psychic, but if we drop this desire as quickly as we have it, then nothing lasting can be achieved. Make sure you have sufficient time and energy to pursue this task. When we are passionate and/or curious enough to make this happen, we will surely open up our natural powers through the proper use of the will. Part of this stage will be having a solid reason to develop this talent, and a use/intent for it that is positive in nature. Many people do not wish to open the third eye too far because clairvoyance is the most freaky of all the clair powers. Proceed with caution and be ready to be able to see the future, whether it be good or bad.

2. Meditation On The Third Eye

One way to activate your third eye chakra/pituitary gland, located in the center of the brain, is to meditate on this center with intention and ask for it to be opened. Sit comfortably or lie down without distraction and calm yourself with some deep, steady breathing. Bring your attention to the third eye center and in this relaxed state you will begin to sense it as a shape, colour, energy or some other picture. You may see it as a rose or a spiral energy. Simply will this rose to open gently, asking that it only open if its in your best and highest interest. Invite your spirit guides to watch over this. For safety reasons, you should never try to force open any chakra. A gentle focus and open, positive mind is the best way to practice "seeing" with the third eye.

3. Ask The Questions You Wish Answered

Next, ask to see the answers to your questions. Pose the question to yourself or the universe and then wait receptively to see what picture floats into your mind. Do not try to question how the picture comes to you, or try to work out the mechanics. All we need do at this stage is start to see and to trust the process. Leave your doubts behind for later, and just imagine this is real and go with the process. Do you see a picture or image? If so, this is clairvoyance. If you receive information in words or feelings, then you are opening up a different clair ability.

4. Keep Right On Asking

The pictures that come to us are received from either our own Higher Self (or superconscious self) or from our spirit guides. Only very gifted clairvoyants can actually look at the future direct, view the akashic records, or gaze into the past. The easiest way to do this is to get the information put into our minds by our spirit guides. Ask for their protection before you proceed if you are worried about having negative spirits communicate with you. Simply say, "Guardian spirits, please protect me with white light and do not let any negative spirits interfere with me." When you receive images or symbols clairvoyantly, you can ask for the image to come through clearer, bigger or brighter if you wish.

If you are bold, you can ask that clairvoyance become a part of your everyday life. Do you want to experience flashes of images pertaining to your day? Do you want insight on that new person you just met? Try to incorporate this into your real life so that it can occur when you are not meditating. We start off using meditation as a control so we can develop it calmly and get a feel of what it is like. If you are very keen about clairvoyance, you can try to invite it into your everyday and I don't see why your guides can't respond to this by complying.

A Hint

If you are trying these exercises and not having luck with them, determine if there is a block or fear that is holding you back. It is normal to be afraid of this ability, especially when we are not used to it. In addition, clairvoyance is unpredictable in that we may see bad along with the good. A part of you might be fearful of learning about a bad thing in the future - this is a real possibility. Just like when we have a psychic reading done, sometimes we receive warnings since it is not always all good news.

When we are having troubles perceiving clairvoyantly, it is usually because we have to work on releasing a fear or making peace with it. I am one of those people who refuses to invite clairvoyance into my own life, even though I use it during readings for others. I have experimented in looking at my own future firsthand, and did not like what I saw (which came to pass). We cannot unsee what we have seen, so proceed with caution. I prefer using the other three clairs with regard to myself, and only using clairvoyance when looking on behalf of other people, but that is just me.

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