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Learn How To Develop Clairsentience

Many people may not realise that clairsentience, or clear sensing, is even a psychic power since we all have varying shades of this that seems to be completely normal to us. Who doesn't sense things in their environment, or sense things about other people? We all do it to varying degrees and sometimes to develop it, it is simply a matter of trust. If we trust what our clairsentience tells us, then we open it up to use it even more, much like a muscle that builds in strength the more we use it. It is a God given ability just like any of our other senses like sight and hearing. With clairsentience, we can feel energy from others and from our environment. To read my article on what exactly clairsentience is, then read What Is Clairsentience?

Exercise To Increase Clairsentience

In order to learn how to read people's energy, you may like to do an exercise using a photo provided by a friend of someone who you do not know. Sit with the picture and become receptive to the what you sense about the photo, tuning in naturally and letting the information flow. Do not sensor what you feel, assume it is correct and then double check to see if you get the same feelings a few times. Maybe when you gaze at the person you feel a sadness or a loneliness, maybe you sense excitement over new beginnings, or maybe the person is very busy in their job, always on the run. When you have checked a few times and are sure, tell the friend what you get off that person's energy and see if they know what you are talking about. Try it with a few photographs, and know that you are beginning to read people. For fun, you can do this exercise alone by tuning into a celebrity and reading them. What energy is around them? How are they feeling? Practice this to increase your clairsentient sensitivity.

When looking at a photo, you can tune in on that person's past when the picture was taken, or as I do when doing a reading, I simply tune in on their present, or what they are feeling right now since this is much more relevant.

Practice Your Gut Feelings

By listening to gut feelings, we have another source of good information. Gut feelings generally come from a higher part of ourself, and is a form of intuition or messaging from our Higher Self. But some gut feelings can come from our surroundings as well, for example we could wander into a dangerous part of town and get a feeling that we aren't safe or we should leave.

The way to strengthen gut feelings is to follow them. For example, we may get offered two jobs, one that pays more, and the other that we just have a really good feeling about. If we listen to our mind only, we may take the job with more money, only to discover our lukewarm gut feelings about it come true - the job could be boring or menial and offer no growth. If we are smart, we will acknowledge our psychic feelings as real information that is accurate. We may quit that job after a week, following the strong gut desire to quit, and take the second job offer with less money. Immediately we find a creative environment where we play a useful role and there is room to grow in our skills and talents.

When we actively learn from using our gut, we come to trust it more and notice it more. We open up clairsentiently, seeking to "feel" things and seeking this type of psychic knowing. We seek the helpful and correct information that comes our way through the use of the gut. Rarely is gut feeling ever wrong. Many people ignore this feeling because it doesn't appear logical that we can just sense or feel things. Intuitive people on the other hand find clairsentience to be most practical and useful in our everyday life, and practice increasing it when it strikes.

Sensing Others Exercise

This is a very basic exercise in sensing energy of others, and easy to practice. Each day we walk past any number of strangers whilst we are out and about. When we go by, we walk quite close to each other for a few moments. Practice sensing if you can feel positive or negative energy off people. What is the top most layer of energy you get off them? Most people walking around have a similar top layer of energy, see if you can sense it. What about groups of people who are out socially - how does their energy differ? Simply start to tune in on others who you encounter to learn what it feels like to sense others.

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