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Learn To Develop Clairaudience

Being clairaudient, or able to hear the words of spirit and angels, can allow us to do such things as bring through messages, channel, hear warnings or, as is often the case for me, hear funny jokes and comments as I go throughout the day. Although I use all of the clairs, for me clairaudience is the strongest - but it did not always be that way! I had to open that ability just as many others do, and practise it in order to hone the skill. It helps if you have very talkative angels. Hint: invite your angels to talk to you and never judge their words; that way they will find you open to them and keep right on talking. If you laugh at their silly jokes, all the better, for they will keep right on joking.


Inside vs Outside the Head

Many people want a dramatic experience when they try to open their psychic abilities. When they want to hear their angels, they want to hear a booming voice speak right into their ear in a mysterious fashion, that they can then boast about. Sometimes such students can be disappointed when they discover that often, the psychic sense is all inside their head, meaning they will rarely hear the voice with their external ears. It is much easier and more comfortable for our guides to speak straight into our minds. They use their own voice and have their unique speech patterns and energy, but the voice itself may at first sound like our own familiar inner voice. Yet, there are differences. When a student wants to experience 'phenomena' or something they can boast to others in a spooky story, they are not approaching the subject with enough respect to really open a connection to spirit. The messages we do receive clairaudiently are usually advice for our life, for healing, and for helping others.


When we first start to hear our guides in our own minds, we may begin to feel it is our imagination. To open us up, often our guides will speak to us so that we find we are having a conversation with someone internally. We will usually be asking questions and this other will be answering them. This is how my first channelling took place, when I was lying down and resting. I gradually noticed this converation that had been going on and then realised it was real - I was actually speaking to a guide who was telling me important information. I jumped up and grabbed a notebook and pen and continued on with this internal conversation, writing down both dialogues. When it came to a natural conclusion, I was very excited to read back what I had, and the advice and information was very good. This story demonstrates that it is often our guides who decide when to open the link. Once that connection is formed, it tends to flow anytime you wish to talk to them. What might seem to the untrained as an imaginary mental conversation is real, and this can be our springboard into the world of hearing and speaking to our guides.

Channeling Spirit

One way to proceed is to channel each conversation onto paper. Spirit will not speak in entire conversations when we channel, instead they will say the first part of the sentence, allow us to write it, then proceed with more of the sentence, that way allowing us to dictate them in a manageable way. Many who channel prefer to speak spirits words and record them. Some even trance all the way out to allow spirit more control, although trance channeling isn't your typical clairaudience. The other ways however do use clairaudience. Sometimes we can only hear clairaudiently when we are close to sleep.

Often spirit uses us as a channel when we spontaneously give advice to someone, advice that is really coming from spirit. This happens naturally in our daily conversations since spirit loves to channel through us when we do not suspect it. They may use us as a tool to bring through just the right words to someone who needs to hear them, with no one being any the wiser. The more we catch this clairaudience that is already going on with us, the more we can strengthen it, determine how it feels and create more of it.

Ask Your Guides To Come Through

It may sound obvious, but we need to ask our guides to talk to us. If we just listen, we may not get much from them, so say to them, "Hey, you can start talking to me now. How are you? Just talk anytime you want to," for they really will take that request seriously and you could have some chatterbox spirits on your hands.

As you begin to hear their comments, you will be getting to know their personalities. You can focus on just one guide, or you can invite more to come in if you are okay with that. As soon as you begin talking, it becomes personal. One of the first big things I learned straight away is that my guide had no judgment of me. As we talked, there was nothing but love. High guides and angels do not come from a place of judgment ever. Ask for your highest guide or teacher to come through, they are more than happy, in fact, they love to do this and get a real kick out of it.

Do You Hear Dead People?

Gifted, natural clairaudients can hear the spirits of those who have moved on. When we hear dead people, this is the same gift we use as with guides and angels. Not all people can hear the deceased, but usually most psychics can hear guides. When it comes to loved ones who have moved on, you may be able to open a connection with them simply by speaking to them, asking them questions, and listening for their replies. Be patient, if you do this for a while you may begin to receive a response in your mind. Deceased people are certainly not as talkative as guides, for guides have a clear purpose in talking to us to advise us and help us to grow. But we can hear responses from our loved ones, even if they won't ever talk our ears off, we can make that connection that can bring great comfort to us.

Speaking Without Words

Another method of communicating with spirits is speech 'without words' - this is a kind of instant telepathy where an entire concept is put straight into our minds in just a moment of time. Whereas speaking can take longer and comes through a linear string of words, instant telepathy happens in but a moment, and we may suddenly understand something from our guides without a conversation taking place.

This kind of telepathy is what guides, etc, use in the higher dimensions, since obviously they do not use words or languages like we do. This is slightly different from claircognizance. It is called using the language of Light. It is also referred to as light packages, information packages, or psychics call them 'downloads' as they often happen the most during readings. Have you ever noticed how a psychic will pause for only a bare second then suddenly start delivering information rapidly? They got a download from spirit and it contains a bunch of information. If that information was delivered slowly through clairaudient means, the poor psychic would have to sit for half a minute before they got the gist of it. But with instant telepathy, or a light download, they get all of the information in a quick second of time. It is fun to get downloads, I only get them when I do readings.

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