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How To Scry To See The Future

Scrying is a form of Divination that anyone can try in order to receive impressions, symbols and images from spirit that form a message or an event in the future. If you enjoy looking for patterns or images around you, in sunlight streaming through a window, or clouds, tea leaves, etc, then you will probably delight in scrying. To read an account of what Scrying is, along with its interesting history, go here first. To see the 7 steps how to scry, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

MirrorTools Of Scrying

You do not need fancy tools to scry; in fact most people have the necessary tools in their own home. To scry, choose one tool out of this list:
  • crystal ball or polished crystal for crystal scrying,
  • any suitable, dark polished stone (i.e. obsidian) for stone scrying,
  • a sheet of glass for glass scrying,
  • a bowl of water (or even oil) for water or oil scrying,
  • or most people's favourite - a mirrored surface you can lay on a table for mirror scrying.

Method For Scrying

Scrying involves staring into one of the above mediums or tools until one is relaxed enough to begin seeing images. At first the images or symbols may be faintly seen in the medium, but a good scryer will awaken their third eye at this point and received inner images in their minds eye. This skill is called Clairvoyance.

Analysing Symbols

If you are a beginner, then what is obtained from scrying is usually symbols and faint shapes. This is a good start.

Reading symbols can sometimes be vague so it is up to the scryer to determine the meaning of each, and what the meaning holds personally for the scryer. Much like other methods of divination such as tea leaf reading, we have to descipher what appears. Since psychic talents vary and different methods suit different people, since psychic talents vary and different methods suit different people, we will either have a feel for this or not so much. Some don't have the patience to scry and may be suited to more direct methods of connecting to their guides, like channeling. In channeling, our angels talk to us directly in plain language. For those who are attracted to scrying, decipherying imagery may come naturally to them.

Such symbols that appear could be anything; a lightening bolt, rain, a calm beach, an orange. When trying to work out the message, try not to look at it literally but rather what the symbol represents. Google that symbol (i.e. 'lightening symbol meaning'). It can be a bit like deciphering dreams, which are also full of symbols.

Clairvoyant Images

You may also see, via clairvoyance, images from the future whilst in this self induced semi-trance state. They could be flashes, quick pictures that come and go from your mind in an instant. You need to have clairvoyance for this to occur, and it may be the first chance for this skill to show itself. By the act of scrying, you are asking the universe and your Higher Self for your clairvoyance to open, so don't be surprised if it does indeed open.

When you see these images, most likely they will make good sense to you. You will understand who is in them and what they mean. Clairovoyance often comes with other clair senses like clairsentience or claircognizance so that you will know what is transpiring in this flash of the future. If you are a very powerful psychic, you might even see what seems like a short film showing the future in your minds eye. Scrying can be good for invoking clairvoyance, asking a question and seeing if it is answered during your session. Often clairvoyance regarding oneself occurs randomly in most psychics. Whilst doing readings for others will invoke clairvoyance on their behalf during the reading.

How To Scry In 7 Steps

1. Choose your tool for scrying from the above list and set your equipment up in the way you prefer in a space that is quiet and free of distraction. Eliminate all light sources except for a dim light. Some people light a candle but make sure the light is coming softly from behind you. Turn off your phone.

2. Allow yourself to fall into a relaxed state. You may like to meditate, or simply sit comfortably and clear your mind, watching your breath slow and the stress of the day leave you. Quiet your mind.

3. Ask for protection before going further. You can also do this if you meditate for a few minutes before hand.

4. Now gaze into your scrying tool (we will use a mirror in this example) and relax your eyes, staring into it and allowing yourself to gradually enter into a light trance. Do not force yourself to see things. Your mind will still be empty so keep your mind open and look at what comes up almost effortlessly.

5. Slowly images may begin to come and go from your mind as your eyes remain open and unfocused. The mirror or crystal may appear foggy or misty as you watch. Allow the trance to take you to where it wants to go. Keep watching the images and do not hold onto them or judge their meaning - you can work out their meaning later on.

6. If you have a specific question or issue that you would like help with, ask away and keep watching to see what comes. Allow yourself the freedom to scry for about 20 minutes although longer than this is not recommended. If it is working, you shouldn't need to go for a longer period.

7. After you have finished, slowly begin to move and come out of your trance. Stretch your body and come back to the here and now. Do some grounding exercises so that you come fully out of the trance and ground back into the body. This is important or you may be out of it for the rest of the day and more accident prone and forgetful.

Positive Experience

When scrying we should not see anything negative or frightening - unless our angelic, white light protection was not invoked beforehand. Always before scrying or any trance work, remember to spend a moment to protect. If the scrying journey or trance feels negative then disconnect and try again another day. Practice different methods of protection if what you are doing seems not to be working.

You will not want to try scrying without first requesting protection in the light from your angels and spirit guides. This is because many of the beings who would want to come through could be dark, unevolved, or merely troublesome and stalkerish so don't not leave out this step.

To protect you may simply speak words to invoke your angels and they will take care of the rest. You may say something like this.

"Angels, I ask that you protect me with light during this exercise. Please remove any negative spirits from entering in, and create a safe and sacred space."

Then you might want to take a minute or two visualising white light around you and your angels standing around you in protection. Then proceed.

Developing psychometry (coming)

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