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Clairgustance - Clear Tasting

Psychic Smelling or Clairgustance occurs to specific people, usually the trained psychic but may be experienced by others as well. It is the experience of tasting something in the mouth where nothing physical has been placed there. Clairgustance cannot be controlled or initiated, but rather occurs as either a sign, or during a reading for another person. It is a wonderful gift when this occurs and may be the fastest and most accurate way for certain information to be conveyed to the person.

ClairgustanceA Playful Sign From Spirit

Clairgustance can sometimes occur at the same time as psychic smelling (or clairalience), so that one can taste and smell the same thing. Clairalience is probably more common since smells are fairly definitive and may be all that is needed to provide the message. But for some people clear tasting may come easily, and they can taste as well as smell certain substances that carry a meaning. Clairgustance sometimes occurs to remind someone of a friend who may be about to call or visit them. It can come from a loved one who has passed to let them know they are still around in spirit, or they are okay. It can be playful and is not always serious. It will tend to be more serious during a reading when something important is being portrayed.

During A Reading

Sometimes a spirit will communicate a taste to a psychic during a reading, who can then relay to you what they are tasting. If this happens, think deeply about who this could be associated with, for the message you are receiving is probably from that person. Spirits can use clairgustance along with clairalience as a way to show proof that they are communicating since some substances that are tasted can be unusual or very typical of someone who has passed, and it serves to convince us that contact has truly been made with the spirit we wish to talk to.

Taste can also offer up clues when trying to solve a mystery or even a crime. Many crimes involve drugs, chemicals, or poisons. When we can't solve a mystery, spirit can step in by providing a psychic with a clear clue. It may just prove to be the missing bit of information that allows the situation to make sense.

Can You Develop Clairgustance?

Since clairgustance is one of the minor (yet helpful) clair senses, do not worry if you have never experienced it before. Many talented psychics may rarely if ever sense tastes, it really just depends. Since we cannot develop this sense, it occurs when needed and we probably all have the potential for this, even if it never happens to us. Since all of us already know how to taste a substance, no training or experience is required - if it happens it happens - enjoy it!

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