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Clairalience - Clear Smelling

Clear Smelling or Clairalience, can occur to the psychic and non-psychic alike. It cannot be controlled or initiated, but rather occurs as either a sign, or during a reading for another person. It is a wonderful gift when this occurs.

ClairalienceA Sign From A Spirit

As a sign, we can acknowledge this occurs to remind us of the presence of someone close to us who has passed over. A person may occasionally sense the presence of a deceased loved on and sense they are around at certain times to offer comfort or support. Some who are clairaudient may even hear this loved one's voice come through at times when there mind is quiet, like just before sleep - and a brief message may be discerned. These spirits love to give us messages and are thrilled when we suspect that they are still around us. They reach out to us out of love, or sometimes to attempt to make things right if there were bad feelings involved in the relationship. It is a gift of love.

How clairalience works in these situations is that, out of nowhere, we smell a scent that is associated with the spirit that is visiting. If they loved cooking, we may smell an oft cooked food. We could smell their unmistakable favourite perfume, or their cigarettes. If they loved flowers, perhaps we suddenly smell their favourite flower where none are around. When this happens, all we need to is acknowledge that we know they are there. Say hello if you like; think on and remember this person and what message they may be sending you. The smell may last a few moments or a minute.

From Angels

Angels can and do also send messages through scent, although not as often as spirits. If you are associated with a certain angel, it may send a clear scent to you when it is around, letting you know of its presence. Some scents have certain meanings that we can learn of. How does what you smell make you feel? The scents will always be pleasant and usually comforting or relaxing. Not all people experience clear smelling, so if you are one of those, know that you are lucky.

During A Reading

When you have a psychic reading done, sometimes a spirit will communicate a smell to the psychic, who can then relay to you what they are smelling. If this happens, think deeply about who could be associated with that scent, for the message you are receiving is probably from that person. Spirits can use clairalience as a way to show proof that they are communicating, for some scents can be unusual or very typical of someone who has passed, and it serves to convince us that contact has truly been made with the spirit that we wish to talk to.

Clairalience often happens hand in hand with Clairgustance (clear tasting or psychic tasting). Read about Clairgustance.

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