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Increase Your Psychic Abilities

This website is about empowering people to open and begin to use their unique psychic abilities. In the beginning it takes an "openness" to be aware and sensitive, and also dedication to the task. Those who stick to developing their abilities are the ones who reap the rewards, just as those who give up after one day will likely not get there. It takes a little time but is well worth the effort if you want to possess a greater sensitivity to what is out there.

crystal ballWhy Develop Psychically?

This is an excellent question for there are amazing reasons as to why someone would want to be psychic. Most of these reasons are deep reasons, and this is why it takes dedication. For example, an idle curiosity is not enough momentum to really develop. Those with a burning desire to reach into other dimensions will do a lot better.

 The main reason why one would want to develop their abilities is to access multitudes of information that comes through from other dimensions. It is all about knowing and knowledge. What psychics often gain is much better than mere information, as many psychics form strong bonds over time with their guides and angels in those higher dimensions. These guides and angels are dedicated to helping those of us living on earth in a somewhat lower dimension where we live in a tougher environment.

Two Ways To Connect

There are two ways that we receive psychic information, one is looking direct and the other comes from Spirit. Most often we receive messages from spirit, and when we do readings we are shown relevant information that comes to us second hand, i.e. through our guides and angels. Yet very great psychics can also receive information direct by using their third eye, their psychic centers, or tuning into the akashic records. It is much  easier and recommended to connect with angels and guides and let information flow from them. Then again if you have the ability, you can look direct at the future. Both ways are good yet they feel very different.

The Spiritual Connection

It is true that one can learn certain tricks and skills without delving into the spiritual side of life and existence. Yet to really gain anything meaningful from expanded psychic abilities, one will be faced with the spiritual aspect of what they are doing. Whilst it is easy to live in a physical world and pretend that the universe is not spiritual in nature, it is much harder to ignore when delving into other dimensions, which are spiritual in nature. These are the higher dimensions. As for the lower dimensions, and there are just a few, it is never advised to use or contact lower entities in those dimensions simply because they tend to attach to anyone who contacts them and can be difficult to shake. They can force their way into a life or home and play games, wreaking havoc. As long as the practitioner stays with using the higher dimensions, these issues do not arise.

You will be surprised by what you can achieve in little to no time. This site is authored by a psychic who taught herself, and that is living proof that it is possible, with some dedication and thought, to develop in this exciting area. If you have some  spare time, a driving desire, and are sensitive to energy then you can go far indeed! Please take the time to delve into the articles offered on this site with more articles to come. We will be looking at the important issue of safety as well as each of the abilities that can be honed. To learn about Clairvoyance now, go to the article Clairvoyance. Thanks for reading.

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